A Deep Dive into WandaVision: “We Interrupt This Program”

Alright, my theory can still work, but I need a few more episodes to confirm. I’m not giving up on it. The episodes starts like Spider-Man: Far From Home where everyone comes back when Hulk snaps everyone back…or when Thanos and his people were snapped away. Either way, chaos ensues. I want to fast forward and say hey to Jimmy Woo and Darcy Lewis. The addition of them intrigues me. Why bring in an astrophysicist and an FBI agent on this case? Now I know Jimmy Woo is here for his missing person but he has a keen awareness about the field around Westview.

Erik Voss from “New Rockstars” explains this episode so well, and all the episodes really. Watch below and we’ll keep discussing.

It seems that S.W.O.R.D. doesn’t really kick into high gear until Monica get sucked into Westview. Now, let’s go back for a minute. The cops say that Westview does not exist but Eastview does. How do you have a Westview but not an Eastview? I do agree with Erik when he says he thinks that maybe the minds of the cops have been wiped because it just doesn’t make sense for me that there is a Westview and not an Eastview. Although, when Monica was sucked in, it reminded me of Once Upon A Time and Regina making a perimeter around Storybrooke to keep outsiders from coming in and ruining her vision. Could be what’s going on with Wanda. I’m watching another detailed video about the episode and someone mentioned the “WV” for WandaVision and the “WV” that is Westview so that could be why there is an Eastview but not a Westview. However, I’m not completely convinced that this is the answer to this only because in the real world, and especially in America, we like things that match and symmetry.

I want to point out that Jimmy Woo has all the questions true Marvel enthusiasts have had since watching this show. What sitcoms? Why hexagons? Is Vision alive or not? My answer is sitcoms are probably what Wanda remembers from her own childhood or from being experimented on, a hexagon could be a reference to a hive of some sort, and nah, he is dead. If you watched the “New Rockstars” video above, then you saw that Erik did an extreme close up of one of the victims…the missing….the actors (not sure what to call these people at this point but whatever) and it says that Vision awakens him…which is odd because, like Erik says, when does this happen? Does this happen in the show and we don’t see it because in a later episode we see Vision place his fingertips on Agnes head during Halloween and she kind of wakes up, so maybe this is within the TV show and not in real life. We also don’t have Dottie on the board and Agnes has no positive ID. I am slightly confused as to who these people are. Are they S.W.O.R.D. agents? Are they regular people?

Let’s double back to S.W.O.R.D. for a minute. The new director tells us that Maria was essential in creating S.W.O.R.D. and I want that backstory. When we last say Maria and Monica, they were friends with the Skrulls and Maria was an Air Force pilot. So I’m wondering how she got from the Air Force to helping create an agency surrounding threats from space. I would think it would it would take more than her being best friends with Carol to be helping in such a high capacity. Ok, enough of that and back to Jimmy looking for a missing person who is supposed to be in Witness Protection. Agnes has been talking about a husband that we haven’t seen and Paul Bettany has said that a mystery actor will be apart of the series and he’s always wanted to work with him. So this could be the reveal here but also, who is the actor supposed to be playing? I hear you. Mephisto but again, Marvel is always grounded in real life so Mephisto as the devil is more DC than Marvel.

Of course, we still have a ton of questions that have gone unanswered so far but I do think that Herb was trying to say that they were disappeared maybe. The whole blip situation could have played into this town and how Wanda was able to suck them into this new reality because I don’t think they’re dead. I also wonder about the CMBR emitting from Wanda’s…situation is we’re going to call it. In watching a few YouTube breakdowns, I have found that CMBR is most commonly paired with the events of the Big Bang which also created the Infinity Stones which also either gave or brought out the powers of Wanda and her brother. Now, I understand all that but why is it emitting as TV rays? That could break the whole case, Sherlock.

Can’t wait until the next episode because I want to see if they toggle back and forth between inside Westview and outside Westview.

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