Hear Me Out: Terry Served No Purpose

I LOVED Soul and there will be a post coming soon for that movie and the nuggets of wisdom I got from it. BUT although Terry was my second favorite character in the movie, the job he had was not needed, when you really think about it. Hear me out…

Terry’s job was to keep count of the souls moving into the “Great Beyond,” right? Side note, did they say who he reported these numbers to? Jesus? Buddha? Allah? I digress. I was all for Terry finding Joe and making him go where he needed to be. Sure, Joe figured he hadn’t fulfilled his dreams yet and so he wanted to get back to his body to do just that, but Joe, there are rules…sort of.

So, I will admit, the Jerrys care nothing about Terry and his plight. In fact, they blow him off but the reason they blow him off is because they think that he has no idea what he’s talking about in regards to the count being off because…well…the count hasn’t been off in centuries. So, for the entire movie, Terry goes above and beyond to get the count to where it should have been. Another side note, as a soul being, I would think that Terry would have some sort of magic powers that would allow him to go through those file cabinets faster than he did. I digress. Personally, I am under the impression that Terry is on this mission to retrieve this soul because there could be consequences if he doesn’t find them.

What forced me to write this piece was the last scene with Terry and a Jerry. He literally distracted Terry for a few seconds, moved some stuff around and Terry kept counting. I was livid! We spent all this time looking for Joe to send him back, so much so that Terry made himself an award, only for us to get to the end and find out that no one cared about the count. If the count doesn’t matter, WHY GIVE ME TERRY AND THIS SIDE STORY?! Why? I want answers, not for me–for Terry. Terry went through hell to do his job and keep the consistency and trust with his team only for the writers to tell us that Terry did all that work for nothing. Someone has to answer for this because movie is not just going to movie to movie. They made me believe that the count being off was a major problem…or maybe Terry did but either way, I felt a sense of urgency about it. Even though I knew Joe was the missing soul, I, too, wanted Terry to find the missing soul, put them back on that conveyor belt and get that count back the way it should have been.

I felt so good and the end of that film but I was so mad that they did Terry like they did. Sound off? Do you agree with me? Are you like some of people I’ve told this to in my personal life who have scoffed at me being mad about the Terry situation?

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