Hear Me Out: The Real Villain of Harry Potter

I have never in my life loathed a person more than Delores Umbridge. I don’t know what the inspiration was for her but I really want to know and I want to personally tell Jo how much I hate her for creating this character, among other things.

We were all young once and eager to read every Harry Potter book that came in the series as fast as we could. When I got to Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, I didn’t know if I could go on anymore. Umbridge was entirely too much. The boy had already suffered enough and then in his fifth year, you add a psycho, rule-following, cat loving child abuser.

We walked in thinking all we had to deal with was Tom and here she come! She was even more annoying than Bellatrix. Do you know when I bought the box set I almost skipped this movie? It’s my least favorite because of her, among other things. If it wasn’t for Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince I don’t think I would have finished the books.

And another thing. The Ministry of Magic was all about protecting the well-being of the wizards and witches they served but did that not apply to the kids as well? They were ALWAYS in harms way! It was their decision to bring Umbridge in. Does the Ministry care about the kids, like at all? I mean really.

Please, share your distain for Delores Umbridge with me and the rest of the Harry Potter fans.

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