Trailer Review: WandaVision

I’ve been wondering, for awhile, what WandaVision would be giving me. When they first announced this series, we all thought it strange that Wanda and Vision would have a series…because you know…Vision is dead and not likely to return. So we figured, this is a figment of Wanda’s imagination…right? Let’s take a look.

So at an investor presentation, Kevin Fiege made MAJOR announcements about the future of the MCU, and after a year like this one, I, for one, am ESTATIC. The three trailers dropped were The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Loki and WandaVision.

So, as expected and seen in these trailers, Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany are returning as Wanda Maximoff and Vision, respectively. Also joining the cast is Teyonah Parris, who you may remember from Netflix’s Dear White People, as Monica Rambeau, daughter of Carol Danvers’s best friend Maria Rambeau. Kat Dennings, who you should remember from the Thor movies and the NBC TV show Two Broke Girls (Loved that show!), as Darcy Lewis. The couple also has a nosy neighbor played by Kathryn Hahn named Agnes. Agnes doesn’t seem to have any previous ties to the MCU so her purpose in the show is a mystery.

Here’s my question…what’s everyone doing here? Well, I have a few ideas and it all stems from a couple scenes in the trailer.

As we can see in the trailer and from what we know, something is wrong with this seemingly perfect marital image. You can see glitches and the setting frequently change, but the scenes I want to focus on feature Monica Rambeau. We see Wanda open the door in what seems to be a 60’s setting to reveal Monica greeting her with a “What’s up,” but if you follow the MCU like I do, you know Wanda and Monica have never met. Wanda asks Monica who she is, to which Monica replies, and keep in mind that this could be a cut, “I don’t know.” Now what I think is taking place here is that Wanda is having an episode and Monica is somehow trapped in it. Why do I think this? Well, fast forward to a few scenes later and we see Monica flying down the street in that same 60’s setting through some wormhole into present day where she lands and is surrounded by military looking officials.

Wild theory alert! In the comics, Monica Rambeau has an accident, as most superheroes do, that involves her coming in contact with extra-dimensional energy. This energy gives her the power to fly at the speed of light or sound, move through solid objects, absorb, create or emit energy AND camouflage or alter her appearance. So hear me out…what if Wanda was the reason we see Monica flying through the air? What if Wanda is the extra-dimensional energy she comes in contact with in the MCU? (Is it still the MCU if it’s a series? I’ll tackle that in another post.) If you comic book fanatics recall in the comic books, Wanda having an episodic meltdown leads to the creation of mutants, so this is plausible. The MCU is always thinking of more practical ways to incorporate the incidents that happened in the comics to real life, and in this case, this is a follow up to the events that happened at the end of Endgame. I think Darcy is no longer an intern and is now a full employee and may have the task to assess Monica when she is blown back to Earth. Here’s what I can’t seem to figure out. How did Monica end up in Wanda’s paradise anyway? Where is Wanda? We can hear in the trailer that someone is talking to Wanda while, I assume, she’s unconscious, but where did Wanda go after the events of Endgame? Who is supposed to be watching Wanda is my question?

WandaVision, and it’s confusion, will air on Disney+ on January 15th and I will be front and center…at my best friend’s house watching it with her. They, just Kevin Fiege, say that we will find out why they call her “Scarlett Witch.” It was also noted that it will be funny. I’ll wait on that because I couldn’t guess what it is.

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