Classics: Infinity War

So, I’ve been in a Marvel mood lately and I wanted to relive the magic that is the Marvel Cinematic Universe since we won’t be getting a movie or a show anytime soon thanks to the pandemic. I took the time to rewatch Avengers: Infinity War and I want to go back because I have thoughts.

Within the first nine minutes of the movies, (and yes, I paused the movie to see how much time had passed) Thanos and them emasculated Hulk and killed Loki with half of what was left of Asgard at their feet. Whoever thought of that opening is cold man. Just cold.

Now, I’m going to go off on a little tangent. Ebony Maw AKA Squidward, who will be henceforth only referred to by the latter name, IS LITERALLY THE WORST. I almost forgot about the damn monologues he had. Also, why does he talk like he’s in a Shakespearian play? Someone explain that to me. He got on my nerves and it was a joy to see in frozen in space but even that took too long. Alright, rant over.

First question. How does Steven Strange operate? Like does he just wait until the fight comes to him or can he periodically look into the future to see threats that might come so that he and his fellow wizards can prepare? Cause if he could, then shouldn’t he have known who Thanos was? I mean what else is he using the stone for.

The nano suit was FIRE. It is the best Iron Man suit of them all and I’m both happy and mad that they made us wait that long for this suit. It seems like it functions better than any of his previous suits. Also, the eccentric uncle Morgan is a callback to the comics. Found that out by watching “The New Rockstars” YouTube videos. Thanks guys! Also also, Stark and Strange’s banter is GOLD! I feel like they do a lot of great match ups in this film which makes this the lighter of the two films. We’ll get there. Hold on.

Let’s talk about the transitions between scenes. In most cases in movies, the transitions between scenes, especially those that deal with alternate worlds or flashbacks, are sometimes unclear or abrupt. The transitions in Infinity War were seamless and they effortless. I didn’t feel like the scene was cut short in order to transition or that the next location came out of nowhere. They took their time and I appreciate that as a viewer, especially since this movie had MULTIPLE locations and location changes.

Couple of questions here. The Nowhere plan was flawed from the beginning and here’s why. If Thor tells me and my team that Thanos is collecting stones and he knows about all of them besides one, that no one really knows, and I know that I know the location of that stone, I am not going to where Thanos is because I’m sure he knew that Gamora had the location of the Soul stone. (And he did, girl!) And another thing. How in all of creation did you think that you could kill a titan who possessed TWO infinity stones?And by stabbing him in the neck, because no one went for the head (smh)? I just want to know who made her that stupid.

I think they probably did but I do want to know if it was meant for Gamora to lead Thanos to the very place where he would have to kill her. Oddly enough, I think it was quite poetic. He needed his “daughter” to tell him where he could find the missing piece of his plan and he needed his daughter to possess that missing piece. Again, cold world, man. It was also genius to give us a familiar character in an unfamiliar place. Vormir is not a place we had seen in any of the films before because…why would we? It made it less jarring to see Red Skull as the guard of sorts to the stone. How fitting for him to be cursed like that? I also enjoy, and they do this a lot in this film, the fact that we got Red Skull’s backstory as the story was still progressing. We didn’t need to pause to give exposition.

Ok, what question is this? Five? Five. The Nat and Hulk story has been started and stopped so many times, which yes, Falcon, makes it awkward every time we revisit it. Stop it. I wish I could have said that immediately after this movie.

Fast forward to Thor, Rocket, Groot and Storm Breaker. Question six, how much power does a dying star have? It’s a “dying star” so how does it still have power to make magical weapons for gods? Anyone? Anywho, Thor is at a point in this film where he has literally lost everything, his home, his people, his hammer, his brother and his father. Storm Breaker and Ragnarok have made Thor less god-y, if that makes sense. It think the old Thor was a god and that was what he thought made him special, but being a god is so much more than just being born into it. He had to really discover what that meant and I think Ragnarok did that for him as well as forging Storm Breaker. I think in Thor: Love and Thunder and after Fat Thor, we will see a very different Thor. Also, never seperate Rocket and Thor. They, like many other pairing in this film, are GOLD.

This may be my last question but how strong was that Wakandian barrier supposed to be? I mean, before T’Challa opened the barrier, it seemed like the…monster-army-people could have made it through–or at least some of them could. It kept out a lot at first and then it seemed like a struggle. Also, the Wakandan army seemed WAY more effective than a US Army…in this film…for this particular fight. Alright, I thought of another question. I know Shuri said there were like three billion or trillion synapsis you had to detach and realign and stuff but what was homegirl doing while they were assembling outside? Her brother called to her and she said she had barely started. Ma’am?

To end, I want to say that the Cap and Thor reveals made everyone in the theater I was in clap, cheer and scream as I did, so I was not alone in that. In a later post, I will tell you all why I was so excited to meet Captain Marvel and later let all the way down.

Also, I miss Stan Lee. *deep sigh* Give me your thoughts. Did I miss anything? Can you answer any of my questions for me? Did you have some of the same questions?

Avengers: Infinity War is, of course, on Disney+ and On Demand, if you still have cable like I do. Rewatch one day and then watch Avengers: Endgame the next. Relive the epic past!

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