Hear Me Out: DC Movies Are Awful

Listen, I am a Marvel Cinematic Universe fan, HOWEVER, I have watched DC films and ladies and gentlemen, they are TRASH! DC would be better just making TV shows or just making comics because the movies are not doing it for me. Hear me out…

Let’s start with what grinds my gears the most, the visuals. Why do the graphics in DC movies look like a beginner class in graphics?! It makes no sense. I know all the good graphics people don’t work at Marvel. There has to be someone better that doesn’t work for Marvel or Disney. Please hire them IMMEDIATELY! I get distracted by the terrible graphics so I’m not even really paying attention to the story, as if that was the only problem with the story.

You know what else grinds my gears? The storyline. Aquaman and Wonder Woman were exceptional, however, at a certain point in the film, I went, “Alright, what’s happening here?” It started off strong, even though the graphics were a mess, but then veered off into a land I was unaware of. Who is writing these scripts? Land the ending, please!

I’ve admitted that I am a Marvel snob and yes, Marvel is my favorite but I want Marvel to have some type of competition. At one point in time, DC movies were hitting and Marvel was barely making it. Now, to use a cliche, the tables have turned. DC’s version of Avengers, Justice League, was absolutely treacherous and a waste. There was so much that should have been better and just wasn’t.

You know what I think it is. Marvel films always have some connections to the current human condition. Think Thanos. His whole mission was to save the universe by destroying half of it to preserve people and the resources needed to sustain those people. In a way, we really couldn’t argue with him but all agreed there was a better way to do that and he was not in charge. Steppenwolf was kind of like Megatron, but even that storyline worked. Steppenwolf wanted to please his master, destroy Earth and make it like that of his homeworld. His mission is very…sci-fi based and that’s fine but, for me, I lack the notion of why I care. I also don’t think that DC has created a world where we care about Earth or the people on it. Back to Thanos. We cared that he was going to snap half the world out of existence. What would happen to Aunt May, Ned, Fury, Clint’s family, Pepper and the rest of the side characters we got to know over the years? I don’t get that same care from a DC film. I also don’t think they connected their films as well as the Marvel team has done over the years. Every Marvel film feels separate but connected in some way. It seems like a cohesive story but DC does not feel that way. I assume they are supposed to be connected, like the Marvel franchise, but each story feels separate and not like they are creating a larger story. Could be why I didn’t care about what Steppenwolf was trying to do.

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Alright, here comes the slander. Tell me where you think I’m wrong and for those like me, what does DC need to do to get to a Marvel status where we care because Marvel isn’t going anywhere anytime soon? Don’t think there will be a lull where DC can slide their way in. Leave a comment!


  1. I wrote about this a long time ago, but I think it still holds true. The reason DC movies are terrible is because of Batman. Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy set the standard for DC films, and they’ve been chasing that ever since. The problem is that it’s really hard to have a grounded, reality based movie like the Dark Knight, when your superheroes are Superman, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman. Marvel embraced superheroes for what they are, escapist fantasies where the good guys always win. You can still tell good stories with deep and complex characters inside a world that is populated with god-like beings. Marvel figured that out early, but DC never did.
    If you are interested in good DC movies, look to the DC Animated Universe. It started way back with Batman: The Animated Series and its spin-off movie Mask of the Phantasm, and it’s been going strong ever since. Even the weak animated movies are better than DCEU films like Suicide Squad.


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