Let’s Talk: Steve Urkel vs Stefan Urquelle

It’s the age old argument, do you want the nerd or the popular kid? Now, you can argue that we’ve seen a battle like this before but can you say that those battles originated from one person? Like the DNA of one person. Let’s dive in.

Steve Urkel is the annoying neighbor we all never wanted. I don’t know what type of insurance the Winslow family had but it had to be top notch because their house was destroyed weekly. He was a genius who didn’t really know how to turn that part of himself off. He was sweet and REALLY sweet on Laura, who never really appreciated him until she needed him. I digress. He was the type of nerd that paid attention to the small things and he always meant well. But, he had a strange obsession with cheese, the accordion, and obviously, science. He wasn’t popular and he is REALLY annoying.

Stefan Urquelle is FIONE! He’s smooth, everyone loves him and he’s a people-pleaser. Only problem is you can only see him when Steve decides to use the chamber, and when he is here, his time is taken up by everyone else. Everyone wants a piece of Stefan which is a blessing and a curse.

So who are you picking? Laura, ultimately, picked Steve (which was really surprising for her). Honestly, I would also go with Steve. He’s not at all perfect but he tries and that should count for something, right?

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