Let’s Talk: Favorite Movie Scene

Let me be honest, I have A LOT of favorite scenes from a bevy of movies. I chose the picture of Prince because….well…look at him! Pure sex! Now, I found a video of the scene from Purple Rain of the legendary Prince and the Revolution performing “Computer Blue” in the movie but it’s someone recording a video of their TV. And not a good video either so I don’t have that scene to show but I loved the transition from him talking to his dad to the club. Shame on me for not realizing until much later that the tune his father, in the movie, was playing on the piano is the same tune that The Kid uses in the song! Yes, I know I should have been paying closer attention but it came to me a few years ago.

Another on of my favorite scenes comes from The Five Heartbeats. I mentioned this scene in my past post about The Five Heartbeats but let’s revisit this. Later, we will talk about just how much of a genius Robert Townsend is but this scene is PHENOMENAL. And Leon ain’t even really a singer. He pulled this lip sync off flawlessly AND gave us the emotion we needed for this scene. AND it was shot in such a tight, intimate fashion that gave you the feels.

David Hillard was a just a man who wanted to make his kids happy but his ex-wife deemed his actions as going too far and she decided to pull the plug on their marriage and him seeing his kids on a regular. In order to be with his kids, he made the ultimate sacrifice and lied to a lot of people, including the kids. David went to his brother and his husband, who are makeup artists, to make him a woman. Watch! I didn’t mind the Cuban look. LOL

I mentioned this scene in my post about Dead Presidents. This scene was shot so perfectly, in my opinion, that I get goosebumps watching it back.

Tommy Davidson is another person, in addition to David Alan Grier, that I need to thank Keenan Ivory Wayans and the Wayans family for introducing me to. He is comedic gold in Juwanna Mann and Miguel A. Núñez Jr is the main character and his is hilarious! My mom and I literally go to restaurants and order filet mignon and say it just like he does as this character. The second scene is this man trying ENTIRELY TOO HARD to have sex with this lady that isn’t really a lady. LOL. Another line that I quote often, randomly. Juwanna Mann is now on Netflix if you haven’t seen it or need a good laugh.

Classic scene in The Temptations. I don’t need to explain it. We all know it.

I love Harvey Fierstein and his voice. This is a small scene but it’s a scene I must see when I watch this movie.

Sound off! What are some of your favorite scenes in a movie? The scene that you must see or you haven’t really seen the movie.

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