Stroll Down Memory Lane: Good Burger

Good Burger is literally the epitome of classic 90’s movies. Good Burger and Clueless. I’ll give you that because someone is going to say it. The dynamic duo of Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell could not be stopped in the 90’s. They were Clavis and Mavis on “All That.” They were Ed and Lester Oakes Construction Worker, because he said that every time he introduced himself, on the same show. They made cameos on the “The Steve Harvey Show” and Nickelodeon gave them their own self-titled show, “Kenan and Kel”. It was only right that they gave them a movie. And give us a movie….THEY DID!

There are so many lines from this movie that I still repeat today…I repeat a lot of lines from a lot of movies but Good Burger is special. I laugh out loud every time I see the scene with Ed and Kurt in the car. Kurt says, “I’m aware” and Ed replies, “I thought you said you were Kurt”. I die every time because of the logic of Ed.

The scene with Carmen Electra as Roxanne as she sashays into Good Burger with the reggae version of “Roxanne” covered by Spearhead…HUNNIE!! Who didn’t want to be her?! But later she got tore up in the next couple of scenes at mini golf so I’m good love.

You cannot name a better 90’s movie. I’ll wait as you think. While you think, riddle me this. Is a patty something or nothing? That was a really good question that went over our heads as children but as an adult, I appreciate the question. That man asked for nothing on his hamburger and that’s what he got. Kenan Thompson was on “The Breakfast Club” a few months back and he said they were in talks of making a sequel (we didn’t ask for that). It was supposed to start with Dexter getting out of prison for something Ed did. With all the black men in prison, didn’t seem like the greatest of ideas so it was scrapped. I will repeat…leave my classics alone! We don’t need a sequel. There won’t be a better villain than Kurt. Sinbad as Mr. Wheat constantly reminding Dexter that he owed him money can no be duplicated. The shrill of Dan Schneider’s voice cannot and should not be duplicated. Also, Otis, who worked the fryer and always had that “when-am-I-gonna-die” attitude is gone on to be with the Lord so who is working the fryer now?

From the boys delivering Shaq a Good Burger on national television to them dressing as women to infiltrate Mondo Burger to them dancing in an insane asylum with George Clinton, this movie is not only a Nickelodeon classic but a classic classic! It still holds us and you will still laugh at Ed and his antics and Dexter’s frustration with him. You can watch it again on Netflix, if you have a subscription, as well as YouTube, Amazon Prime, VUDU and Google Play for a fee. Get a laugh in! We all need it!

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