Stroll Down Memory Lane: Crashbox

I was a nerd growing up, and honestly, I still am. I LOVED watching educational shows, especially those that included math. THIS was my show.

“Crashbox” was an educational show on HBO that debuted in 1999. Although it only lasted until April of the next year, it is by far one of my favorite childhood shows. I can understand why it would be hard to continue the show because it was a claymation type of show. Almost like “The PJs”. It takes a lot of time, money and effort to make those type of shows but I wished they had continued to make more episodes.

My favorite sketch was “Psycho Math” with Professor Rocket. It was based in math. Professor Rocket (pictured below) would give us a picture that would represent a number. These pictures would be places in equations that we would have to solve.

Professor Rocket - Crashbox : nostalgia

My other favorite sketch was “Sketchpad”. He was full of riddles that still stump me today if I go back and watch some of the episodes. He’s pictured in the feature image of this article.

My least favorite sketch was “Eddie Bull”. I think it was because the premise of this sketch was that the “Eddie Bull” was inside whatever animal we had to guess. That just seemed gross to me and I think his voice was annoying.

I would have loved to see more of “Page and Sage”. “Distraction News” was another good sketch. “Captain Bones” insulted you while you took your time figuring out what which bone to move to make the equation work.

Hulu, HBO Now, HBO Go and Amazon Prime all have “Crashbox” available to watch. Sit your kids in front of their tablet or cast it to the TV, watch and enjoy. And don’t be alarmed when the show resets in the middle of the episode. Apparently, the show is supposed to be the inside of a computer and the computer had some issues and it was always while the workers were eating a donut.

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