Hear Me Out: Wood Harris is the GOAT

Now usually, I’d like some conversation with my posts. It’s supposed to be interactive and a give and take, but I don’t want no argument or feedback on this one. Yes, we all love Denzel Washington. He has two Oscars and he is one of the greatest of all time; HOWEVER, have you seen Wood Harris?!

Wood Harris is the younger brother of an equally talented actor, Steve Harris (he plays all the people you want to punch in the face in movies and TV shows and does it well). He’s from Chicago and while working on his BA at Northern Illinois University, he snagged his first major role IN ABOVE THE RIM! Remember that movie? If you don’t it is on Netflix RIGHT NOW! Let me tell you who was in that film, refresh your memory. That classic film had a young Marlon Wayans, Dwayne Martin, the always fine Leon, Bernie Mac (rest in peace) and TUPAC SHAKUR. Wood played alongside TUPAC, who himself was also an artsy person like Marlon and Wood and a phenomenal actor. Then, he portrayed the legendary Jimi Hendrix in a Showtime movie in 2000. Then, he was seared into our memories as Julius Campbell in Remember the Titans, which was based on a school here in Virginia (whoop whoop!). “Left side, strong side” I’m sure has been used in many a huddles in various major sports and it’s because of this movie. THEN, my brother was Ace in Paid in Full! Classic black film!

His career hasn’t even reached its peak when he’s cast to play the best villain in TV history on the best series in TV history (we’ll talk about this in another “Hear Me Out”, don’t worry), Avon Barksdale in “The Wire.” Let me tell you my personal favorite, Brooke Payne in The New Edition Story. He’s been in Creed, Ant-Man and so much more! There is literally nothing he can’t do, and much like his brother, he commits to his role. If he’s supposed to be scary, I am terrified. If he’s supposed to be emotional, I’m crying. The range is insane with this man! There aren’t many people where I’ll see a commercial with them in it and go, “I have to see that” based on one person in the promotion. Wood Harris is one of those people.

I said I didn’t want no argument with this so I’ll ask, what’s your favorite Wood Harris movie or TV appearance? Don’t you want to see he and his brother play opposite each other in something? I think that would be PHENOMENAL! Someone call someone and make that happen. Spike….Will…Tim…Quentin somebody!

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