“Lovebirds”: Review

Alright, I want to start this post by saying I had low expectations for this movie. Also, after seeing this movie, this should have never been a theatrical release. It belonged on a streaming service. Sorry….not sorry. Also, Issa and Kumail’s characters do no strike me as a real interracial couple but that’s just my opinion.

So here it is, it’s date night and you and hubby need something to watch. This is your movie. Lovebirds reminded me of Game Night mixed with elements of Queen & Slim (only because there is a couple on the run for a murder they are not really responsible for). You will laugh at the stupidest things in this movie. It is the good kind of absurd.

So here’s the plot because the title is misleading. I thought this would be more of a love story but the love story kind of takes a backseat to the murder. It flows nicely with the murder though. Leilani and Jibran meet in New Orleans and immediately fall in love. The opening scene is very lovey and overly dramatic in showing just how in love they are, and then, as if on cue, I said out loud, “What’s wrong with them” and it skipped four years in the future where the couple is arguing. This is what I came for. They are supposed to be going to a dinner party with friends but relationship issues start to surface and the couple comes to the conclusion that they need to break up….and then they hit a dude on a bicycle. Chaos ensues from there. There’s a horse, rich people, a discount store, a theater of orgies and Keith. We hate Keith apparently.

What I love about Issa in this movie is her facial expressions. I noticed them a lot in this movie because she does a fabulous job of expressing emotion with her face. When they break up in the car, the pain and uncertainty in her face is palpable. Kamail is a great comedic match for her. They way they play off each other is phenomenal, but again, I believe them more as friends than a couple.

Check it out this weekend and figure out why we don’t like Keith.


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