Stroll Down Memory Lane: The Magic School Bus

Surprisingly, I already had this on my calendar for this month. Unfortunately, we lost the legendary performer who sang this memorable theme song, Little Richard, so in honor of him, let’s revisit this classic!

Let’s start with the obvious for all of us who watched this show. Did the parents know where Ms. Frizzle was taking their children? Was Ms. Frizzle married? Where did the bus come from? How did she acquire this magic? Questions we had after awhile and I don’t think was answered on the after segment where they took calls from people who had questions about what happened in the show.

Ms. Frizzle, voiced by the incomparable Lily Tomlin, was that zany teacher we all wanted. This was great for kids our age for a couple of reasons. There was freedom that, as kids, we didn’t have in our own school life. We never knew what day of the week it was but it seemed like there was a field trip every day with that class. There was never a stupid question, and everything we wanted to know, they made sure was answered. We got to have that freedom in watching that show and got to kind of dispel any inhibitions we had about something we didn’t know or may have been afraid to ask. In watching the show as an adult, there was so many things that I was able to be reintroduced to yet I still wondered when I would use this information. I have this information but I don’t think I’ll need it unless I’m on “Jeopardy”. (I can do it! Pick me!)

All four seasons of “The Magic School Bus” are on Netflix right now and if you need something for your kids to do that’s educational and funny, sit them in front of this.

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