“AKA Jane Roe” Documentary

Watch the trailer below and then we’ll discuss…

We all remember learning about the case of Roe v Wade in Government class as a pivotal case we should remember along with a slew of others that changed the way we live our lives today. What we didn’t learn, at least I didn’t, was who “Jane Roe” was and what was her story. Besides the fact that she was a woman who wanted an abortion and felt that it was her right to have one, we don’t really know much else. That part wasn’t touched on in Government class and I had a male teacher so I for sure did not get a deep dive into that story.

In watching the over two minute long trailer, I get A LOT more information than I bargained for. This documentary will make us all think, maybe make us angry and question what it means to stand for something you may or may not believe in. From the trailer, it sounded like Norma McCorvey, “Jane Roe” as she was later know in the trial, was a bit all over the place. She may have been a lesbian, she was the face of this case and what it stood for and then vehemently distanced herself from the case in shame after giving her life to Christ becoming a born again Christian.

In addition to her backstory and her journey to the Supreme Court, I am interested to know just who Norma McCorvey was forreal. What made her go all the way through with the trial, the media attention and becoming the face of a movement only in later years to renounce the whole thing?

Let me pose this question, is she allowed to change her mind if her views change? Should she just have left it alone and just changed her life and not said anything about the case in later years? What do you think? What do you need to get from this documentary?

AKA Jane Roe premieres on FX this Friday the 22nd at 9 pm EST and next day on Hulu.

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