“The King of Staten Island”: Trailer Review

When I started getting into the groove of watching “Saturday Night Live”, mainly because of my childhood fave Kenan Thompson, I noticed a few new funny faces, including Pete Davidson. He was also a friend of Charlamagne tha God from “The Breakfast Club”. I remember hearing him talk about some new show or stand up he was doing and he made a joke about his dad dying, which made me uncomfortable. He went on to explain that his dad died on 9/11 saving lives as a firefighter. I started to see his comedy in a different light since then and I started to wonder how he coped with that loss. This movie is that story.

After a quick gander at the trailer, we see Pete and his mom, played by Marisa Tomei who does not age, in the aftermath of the patriarch of their family dying. It seems to be years later. Pete is trying to decide what to do with his life, which seems to be tattooing, and his mom decides to date again. Her choice? Another firefighter. We get to see his journey into adulthood and the changes that he decides to make with the help of family and the people who knew his father well, his coworkers.

I don’t know how much of this movie will extracted straight from Davidson’s life but I imagine much of this movie will be exactly as he lived it. I’m interested to see the relationship he builds with the firefighter buddies his dad had and if he ever thought about being a firefighter before and after his dad died. We see in the trailer that he has a clear aversion to the idea of being in a career where you save lives but you, yourself, may not be able to save your own life. He also seems to be struggling with the idea of starting or having a family. It seems, from the clips in the trailer, that he doesn’t really see a point to have a family at all.

I’m excited to have a new movie to watch next month. In a later post, we’ll talk about releasing movies On Demand and on streaming services and get your thoughts on the matter.

The King of Staten Island will debut On Demand on June 12th and I think rent it that weekend.

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