She’s BACK!!

RAVEN’S BACK HOME ON DISNEY CHANNEL! You know you enjoy a show when you’re mad no one told you the new season had started. Like no one told me and I was mad, and on top of that, Verizon’s On-Demand didn’t have the first five episodes. I think I’m going to write a letter about my disappointment. Anyway, if you have teenagers, this is your show. If you watched That’s So Raven, this is your show. Lemme tell you why.

Remember when Full House started that reboot phase? Remember that was kind of a hit or miss? I, personally, did not like the Full House reboot and I figured out why. The reboot focused on the girls moving home and raising their kids. In the original, the focus was on Danny, Jesse and Joey, not the girls, so when they did the reboot, most of us did not care to see the girls and their kids. What’s different about Raven’s Home is that the focus of That’s So Raven was Raven, her visions and her friends, so in this reboot, we still have the focus on Raven and her friends in addition to the kids.

What I love about this series is there is a healthy balance of kids and Raven and Chelsea AND it’s genuinely funny. Like I laugh out loud at this show versus some other reboots. In this reboot, Raven isn’t the only one with visions. Now, as a teen watching this show, I wondered if her visions were hereditary. I don’t remember us exploring this is the original series and I’m glad they included that. Also, I find it interesting that they made her son have visions and not her daughter. Even though they’re twins, Booker and Nia are complete opposites. I like the family that Raven and Chelsea have created.

Here’s what I’m missing. Raven and Devon…someone has to explain when they got married and why they got divorced. In high school, that man was practically the love of her life and now, they’re divorced with no real explanation? I’m not taking that. Next season, give me a flashback episode. I thought I was getting that with the Christmas episode but apparently not.

In future seasons, we want to see Raven and Chelsea dating. There have been some episodes where we dabble in it but I want a full episode of the kids trying to set the parents up on a date or sabotaging a date. The latter is funnier and the direction I think they’d go in. I need the parents and Uncle Corey to make an appearance. Some friends from high school would also be acceptable. Adrienne Bailon can make an appearance. If her and Devon are divorced, then her and Alana can be the best of friends. Actually, that would make a great episode. An old friend from high school or their past comes back and take the girls away from each other. Also, give me the full story on Chelsea and her ex-husband. I want flashbacks of their life together before he went to jail. I just want a lot of flashbacks. Give them to me!

I think this show lives up to the original. Us old folks get Raven and Chelsea still being Raven and Chelsea while the new generation get four news young ones taking them into their older years. I love it and so does my goddaughter so they’ve done something right.

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