Woody Gets Separated Again

*cue Portrait* “Hhhhheeeeerrrreee weeeee goooo. Going through the same thing. (Here we go again)”

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Toy Story 4 will be out in June and I know we are all tired of the sequels but this one might be good. I also hope this is the last. We’ve been through new toys joining the gang, Woody being broken and accidentally sold and the toys being thrown out, going to daycare and almost being burned alive. A lot has happened in our lifetime with these damn toys and they apparently aren’t done.

This adventure takes us on a road trip. Our new owner, Bonnie, has created a new “friend” out of a spork, pipe cleaners and googly eyes. His name is Forky. Forky does not accept his place as a toy and tries to throw himself out, which leads to Woody going to save him. All Woody’s life, he’s been sworn into the army of toys, born to protect and serve. In his quest to get back to Bonnie and the gang with Forky, he runs into an old pal, Bo Peep. Bo Peep has been living her best life at an antique store. She wants to show Woody that there is much more than being a toy. He could have a whole new life where Woody makes his own rules.

I’ll be honest, because that’s what I do here, the teaser trailer did nothing for me. I think we should do away with all teaser trailers because they’re just dumb. I just wanted to get that out. Now, I watch a lot of theory videos and the “Super Carlin Brothers” are my favorite (and they’re in Roanoke, VA. Whoop whoop!). Ben Carlin did a video on whether or not Bo Peep could be the real villain and I think he could be right. Check out their video below.

The other possibility of a villain is Gabby Gabby (voiced by Christina Hendricks). Gabby Gabby is an antique doll that was made with a broken voice box. She’s got some creepy ventriloquist dolls as her henchmen (I can’t wait to see this part). Again, I agree with Ben. I think Gabby Gabby is looking for a voice box to repair herself so she can finally have the love of a child. But here’s another thought. What if there is no villain at all? What if the journey of whether Woody will remain with Bonnie and the gang or if he’ll choose the rugged life with Bonnie and her new friends? It could be more like Coco where the real plot was for Miguel to reunite his family and bring music back into their lives. I feel like this could be the real journey for us in this installment of Toy Story. We’ve seen all the real threats to the toys themselves but what about the freedom of the toy? We’ve never really thought about that.

I’ll be present June 21st pushing kids out of the way as I make my way to the back of the theater. I might bring my goddaughter, but then again, I might go with my best friends who, like me, are way too old to be going to see this film.

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