Little Looks GOOD!

Watch the trailer below and then we’ll discuss.

Now this is the way to start 2019! Jordan Sanders (Regina Hall) is a horrible boss. I mean horrible. Now, what I want to know is who the little girl belongs to who wishes that she was a little girl again. I enjoy that little girl. So Sanders goes to sleep as a big girl and wakes up as her younger self (Marsai Martin). Side note, this is the perfect role for this little woman.

From the outside looking in, it looks like the black remake of a movie like Freaky Friday but I enjoy the twist. Here’s what we all should be wondering. What will she learn by going back to being a child? Will we learn something about her as a child that has effected her as she became an adult? Also, what will transform her back into an adult. I’m interested to see how this goes.

Here’s what I do know. Issa Rae’s character April will finally get the chance to prove herself because of Sanders…umm…condition. I assume this is one major point in the film but what about Jordan? What is she bound to learn in her childlike state?

It looks good. It’s Big in reverse but the black version. Look for it on April 12th!

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