Hotel Artemis Should Have Done More

I was on a roll this weekend. I watched a lot this weekend so a lot of reviews are coming. Here goes…

Hotel Artemis is a criminal hotel in the year 2028. Jean Thomas (Jodie Foster) is the head and only nurse caring for criminals. Alongside her is her orderly Everest (Dave Bautista) who looks entirely too buff and huge to just be an orderly. He is technically also the muscle of the place so I guess that takes care of that.

So the movie starts with Sterling K. Brown and Brian Tyree Henry’s characters robbing a bank. A shootout ensues and Henry’s character gets shot. Brown calls the hotel and reserves a room. Now, when we get to the hotel, we learn that you have to have a membership. The other guy that robbed the bank with them has no membership so he has to go. Did I mention that this movie is set in Los Angeles and LA is on fire right now? The people want clean water and are rioting in the streets. So…that’s happening at the same time.

The movie started off well and then I was confused. It seems like toward the middle of the film, the plot, whatever it should have been, had been thrown out the window. There was a cop hurt outside and being that she’s a nurse at this criminal hotel, helping this cop is a no-no. So she helps the cop, despite her better judgement, and starts to have flashbacks of a kid. Apparently, she knows the cop and Thomas has a kid. The kid died of an overdose.

Not too long after, she gets a call from a very angry and rude Ilya (Zachary Qunito) who is panicked because his dad, The King Wolf (cat daddy Jeff Goldblum), is injured and needs a room. The King Wolf owns half of LA…including the Hotel Artemis. You would think this alone would guarantee him a room but it does not. Thomas tells Ilya if his father does not get to the hotel by the time someone else calls her to reserve her last room, he will be out of luck. Rules are rules, my friends.

It goes downhill from there. The action after this is forced and not really warranted. The action is there to be there. I heard there is supposed to be a sequel but what am I supposed to get from the sequel? The first wasn’t that exciting.

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