DC’s Aquaman tries to be Marvel Good

I want to say good things about a DC comic movie and this will be my attempt to do so, so here goes.

Aquaman is DC’s newest film. Now, I’m going to be honest, I am a Marvel girl…period (which is weird because my favorite superhero used to be Batman). Arthur Curry (sexy Jason Momoa) finds out that he is the heir to Atlantis, an underwater kingsdom, but he doesn’t want the job. Apparently, he will need some convincing because the water world needs him in order to bring peace (maybe) between the surface world and Atlantis. Tough stuff. (I’m doing great. Just have to finish)

Now, I am going to see this movie for a specific reason….

That reason there, a shirtless Jason Momoa. For a DC comic film, it looks great. The graphics are a notch lower than what I’m used to seeing as you know a Marvel movie fan, but it’s not tragic. So listen, this looks like it could rival Wonder Woman. If this is the direction DC wants to take, KEEP GOING!

What I’m afraid of is that the plot of this film seems kind of surface. What other conflict is there? It looks like Arthur was left with his human parent for some reason. I guess we’ll get to see the journey of him maybe finding out who is really is. No idea. Maybe, like Black Panther, there’s a jealous cousin or uncle waiting in the wings to take over and is upset when Arthur shows up. Either way, shirtless Jason Momoa can fix all the plot holes with this film….or can it?

We all know DC is not known for great films but this could be a sequel in the trend of good DC films. Let’s pause for that possibility because we may very well be on that ride. Because I don’t keep up with DC films, I don’t know what’s next but it better be this good whatever it will be or already is.


When does this movie come out?

December 21, 2018

Should you go see this movie?

If you’re a DC fan, well duh. Go see that but if you’re a Marvel fan like me and are a little skeptical, go see it anyway. I think this one will surprise us and not in a Thanos way.

Will I be seeing this film?

For shirtless Jason Momoa? YES!!

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