Will He “Break the Internet”?

Wreak It Ralph reminds me of ShrekShrek was that one of a kind Disney movie that we never saw coming, the movie that we didn’t ask for but it was the movie that we needed. Wreak It Ralph is that for this generation.

In this film, Ralph (John C. Reilly) and Vanellope (Sarah Silverman) venture into the internet (obviously). Now, I thought they were going into the internet because the arcade they live in shut down, and needing to be fulfilled as game characters, ventured into the internet in search of somewhere to belong. Well, yes and no. This trailer explains it a little clearer as to why they are going into the web. Apparently, an overexcited human racer breaks the steering wheel used to steer the racer in the game. Looks like Vanellope and Ralph find out, or get a hint for someone, where they can find a new steering wheel…the internet. Once inside, it’s a whole new world (this is a cliche I know) but how will the internet effect the relationship between Vanellope and Ralph.?

Since the last movie, Vanellope has been on a quest to find where she really belongs, and after the fiasco with King Candy, she had finally found where she belonged (well, she was actually returned to her rightful place as princess of Sugar Rush), but the question in this film is how will that change? It seems that Vanellope has found a new game that satisfies her more than racing in Sugar Rush. I’m thinking she wants to stay in the internet…without Ralph. As an added bonus, Taraji P. Henson and Gal Gadot are voice actors in the film.

Vanellope’s longing to find where she belongs is not the only issue in this movie. I think there’s something else going on here. Notice, we don’t see much of Ralph in the trailer. It’s a lot about Vanellope. Why is that? This usually means there’s something going on with Ralph that they can’t show or tell us. Or it could be to make us wonder. I think it’s the first theory I have. How does the internet effect Ralph? We all know (well, those who watched the first film) he’s not a strong proponent from change. The internet is a vast place that a old man like Ralph will not like or understand right away. Vanellope on the other hand, this is her forte.

Now, I’m not a huge proponent of sequels but this one I will make an exception for. It looks good and I know we’ve all seen the scenes with Vanellope and the princesses. Honestly, Wreak It Ralph didn’t need a sequel but I mean this is a natural progression for a movie based on a fictional video game. This movie has a lot to live up to. I hope it can pull it off.


When does this movie come out?

Wreak it Ralph 2 or Ralph Breaks the Internet comes out on Thanksgiving day.

Should you go see this movie?

Yes. I would go see this movie if you’ve seen the first and need something to do after you digest your food. Also, remember Creed 2 comes out the same day, and if you’re like me, I need to see what happens to Adonis before I see what happens to Ralph.

Will I be seeing this film?

Yes, after Creed. LOL

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