A Star is Born…but she’s been here already…

When I first saw this trailer in whatever movie I was viewing at the time, I had no idea what movie this was going to be. I hadn’t seen any of the promotion on TV before I saw the trailer in the mix with the string of other trailers. Within five seconds of me viewing this trailer, I thought it was a biopic on a country star that I either had heard of had never heard of and so I watched on. Bradley Cooper showed up and I was like, “Oh, nice. He’s playing whoever this is that I don’t know.” Then I saw he was pulling double duty and directing said movie that I still knew nothing about. Ok, Bradley! Then, there was this gravely voice talking about Bradley’s character in such an endearing way. A frame of black and BOOM! Dave Chappelle. I am now silently clapping and saying to myself, “I have to see whatever this is now.” Later, we see Bradley’s character going to a meeting because he has a drinking problem. Why he has this drinking problem, no idea but he has one. Moving on. Then, the Belle of the Ball is revealed and now I MUST SEE THIS FILM. LADY GAGA (with drawn-on eyebrows) appears! I am all in at this point. I don’t even care what this movie is, but in my mind, I have bought my ticket and I am in the back row with a slush and popcorn.

Now the last time we saw Stefani (I love calling her by her real name), she appeared to be in American Horror Story: Roanoke as a half-person, half-feral something or other. No one made it clear if that was her but there were enough reports of it being her so we went with it.

We get a couple more tender moments between Bradley and Gaga, and then, we hear what we’ve been waiting for — her voice! Oh, how it soars as it plays over a shot of the open road and Gaga on a tour bus.

Let’s skip to the end where I see the title A Star is Born fades in. Now, I’ve heard of this classic film but have never seen it.  Here’s the gist. Jackson Maine (Bradley Cooper) is a old country music star. His star is fading, and as a result, he’s turned to drinking. One night in a bar, he is astounded by Ally (Lady Gaga) in a drag club? (I see drag queens so I’m thinking it’s a drag club.) I believe, having not seen the 1976 movie, that Ally and Jackson fall in love but their paths in music breaks down the relationship. There are some intense moments in the trailer that add to this theory of mine.

This is a new field for Cooper, sitting in the director chair, and I love to see Stefani as herself and not Gaga, even though she’s not herself in the film. I think Ally is some type if iteration of herself when she was starting out which is why in looking at her in this trailer, I forget who she is. All the roles she’s taken have made me feel like that and that’s what has to happen when a star of her caliber makes a new move in their career. A lot of people make this move, not everyone can pull it off. She has.

When does this movie come out?

October 5, 2018

Who will like this film?

If you’re one of those people who love music and a love story, I would recommend this for you. It seems like it will be one of those movies about how love can conquer all or if love can conquer all.  

Is it worth seeing?

Yes. I would say this is worth the $12 ticket, $100 in snacks and gas money to go see this film. 

Will I be seeing this?

I will be in the theaters from this one. Probably alone because I don’t know anyone in my circle who would want to go with me. 

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