FOX’s New Comedy “Rel”

I watched the soft premiere of Rel’s show and I was thoroughly pleased. Rel’s been on a high since Get Out, jumping from that to The Carmichael Show as Jerrod’s little brother. Now Rel is front and center and wants to show the world that mess that is his life.

Here’s the synopsis…

Rel is a loving father and husband living on the West Side of Chicago (I don’t know what happens on the West Side of Chicago so I’m going to assume that it’s a good side) living his best life until his life is interrupted…by his wife…having an affair…with his barber. Now, if you’re a black man in America, you KNOW finding the right barber is like finding the right house, bank, or wife. It’s hard, ladies and gentlemen. In the wake of the separation and impending divorce, his wife takes everything, including his couch, his kids and most of his self-esteem.

Jess Hilarious plays his best friend Brittany and naturally, she’s hilarious. If you don’t know who Jess Hilarious is, below is a video of her and fellow Instagram star turned comedian DC Young Fly (who appeared on the pilot episode a few weeks ago) ROASTING each other through Instagram videos.

There are two things that make me excited about this show, Jerrod Carmichael and Sinbad.

I first saw Jerrod Carmichael on a commercial for his standup special that was to premiere on HBO. The special was directed by Spike Lee and so I was in. My mom and I watched that night and were dying laughing. Years later, The Carmichael Show comes along and I’ve found my new favorite comedy show. And then, it was cancelled (thanks NBC – this is sarcasm). Since then, we’ve seen Jerrod here and there in small roles but now he and Rel are producers on Rel’s show. Jerrod’s comedy is more like Chris Rock’s comedy in the sense that it makes you think. It’s that kind of thought-provoking comedy that doesn’t really appeal to the masses, but those that love it, love it. While Jerrod will not appear on the show, he will be a producer on the show. Rel does make it clear that there is a distinction between his comedy and Jerrod’s. Rel will be less political and more real life funny.

Sinbad. The last time I saw Sinbad was on his reality show with his family. I was introduced to Sinbad in the 90’s as a child in various movies, but A Different World was where my fondest memories come from. If you know me, you know I STAN for A Different World and his character was a light in the show. Here, he plays Rel’s dad, who he hasn’t told about his situation. When his brother (Jordan L. Jones) tells his dad about Rel’s wife leaving him, hilarity ensues.

All in all, the cast is funny, the premise is unorthodox and FOX has been on a roll with these series. I have it in my DVR. I think you should have it in yours AND it comes on after football. If you watch football, you’ll already be on that channel. Stick around and watch this man’s show.

When does Rel come on?

Rel comes on TONIGHT on FOX at 9:30 after a new episode of Family Guy.

Is it worth my time?

Yup. I think you’ll laugh a lot.

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