“Are you ready to get your GED?”

Alright, finally it is time for the arrival of Night School, the comedy staring rising star Tiffany Haddish and comedic mogel Kevin Hart. The plot is as follows: Teddy Walker (Kevin Hart) works at a chicken joint and accidentally blows said chicken joint up. No idea but the chicken joint that is near a strip club is no longer thanks to Teddy. Somehow this makes him think, “Hm, I think I need to go back and get my GED”, and so he does. His night school teacher, Carrie (Tiffany “She Ready” Haddish), is a no nonsense type of person that is not willing to give up on Walker as quickly as he’s willing to give up on himself.

My favorite part of the trailer is Fat Joe. He is an inmate in a nearby (maybe?) prison and he is facetimeing in to the class. He also seems like he’s one of those inmates that reinvented himself in prison, but in one of the three trailers, he gets into a fight with another inmate. The funniest part is that once he fights the dude, he tells Carrie that she can proceed.

Night School is Kevin Hart’s first movie under his production company “Hart Productions”. Malcolm D. Lee (Roll Bounce, Girls Trip and The Best Man) is the director and Hart’s good friend and one of Hollywood Reporter’s 100 Most Powerful, Will Packer, is co-producing.

My honest opinion of this film is that it follows a formula. Kevin and a friend of his make a movie. They promote the hell out of it and it does make money. And it is really funny. The pairing of Tiffany and Kevin is genius. They have a great chemistry, and individually, they are hilarious.

Here’s my dilemma with encouraging you to go to the theaters to see it. It’s not a movie I HAVE TO see. It’s a movie that if I had some time, I would pop in and see, but I’m not making an appointment to see this. I love both comedians and I’ve seen all the promotions for this movie and I can take it or leave it.

When does this movie come out?

Today. The movie comes out today!

Will I be going to see this film?

I’m on the fence. I can wait for it to come On Demand or I could go see it in a few weeks. No rush. 

Should you go see this film?

If you need a date night, feel-good movie, go see this film. If you need a good laugh, this is the movie for you. If you are like me and intrigued by the promos but would rather wait until it comes On Demand, do that. Either way, I would encourage you to watch this movie at least once. 

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