I have pondered if I should start a movie blog. I’ve always been a movie buff and I enjoy writing, so why not combine the two? Plus, I just saw the final trailer for Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald¬†and I need to write my feelings. Then, the Creed II¬†trailer dropped and I also have feelings there. For those who don’t know me…

My name is Amber and I’m an amateur movie reviewer. My goal for this blog is literally to answer the question of “Should I (you) go see this movie or spend time to bingeing this series on Netflix?” Everyone needs someone to go to that will tell them, “If you like this, then you will like that”.¬† I’m going to try and be that person.

Why “Black Watch”? Well, I am a black woman and I do look at films and TV series with that lens. With that being said, I enjoy a variety of films in most every genre. (Yes, even children’s films which, in most cases, I see by myself.)

Even though this blog will be my hobby, I plan to put as much of myself in it as possible. I do have two degrees in mass communications but I don’t want this blog to be a stuffy review with ratings and stars and all that. It will be a pure blog of my honest opinion on whatever I’m writing about at the time.

Hope you enjoy!


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