Scream VI: Review

You know what we love about the Scream franchise? The directors, writers, and actors all know we don’t need another Scream movie, but we make ’em anyway. It’s very self-aware. One of my favorite scenes in the movie is when Mindy went through the stereotypical and predictable tropes of a horror franchise, which they are in. Should have stuck with your initial instinct, Mindy. You would have been right.

I adore horror films. It is my favorite genre. I am always looking for a movie that has me looking over my shoulder as I was through the parking lot after leaving the theater. Horror movies nowadays I end up laughing at. And not just at the beginning. I mean the entire movie I’m laughing at the movie. Some of the new horror movies are dumb. If you want a movie that actually scares you, Scream 6 is not that movie. If you want a movie to laugh at and scream at the screen to, this is your movie.

Neve Campbell doesn’t make an appearance in this movie and I don’t mind it. Now, if the killer had been who my good friend Angie thought it should be, we would have needed her. Gale and, I think, Kirby mentioned her sending her love, which was weird to me. A killer is after these girls and you’re sending your love? Send help, Sydney!

With no Sydney, Gale is now the OG. The movie pokes fun at that, too–another moment that was hilarious. What was funnier was the fact that Gale’s new man picked up her house phone….in 2023. In 2023, Gale Weathers has a house phone, y’all. After many of us did away with our house phones, I only knew two people who had house phones, my grandmother and my boss at the time. My boss was in his 60’s or 70’s and was telling me a story one day of how he recently got rid of his house phone. That was in like 2014. If Gale has a house phone, I imagine most of her investigation is printed out somewhere. I wouldn’t put it past her to have that wall the the CIA or FBI makes with people’s pictures and string to outline their connects to organizations or other people. Now that I think about it, you can’t be effectively on defense with a weapon in one hand and a phone, of any kind, in the other.

I missed Scream V, so I will have to go back and watch to get myself caught up on how Billy Loomis had two kids. But if I just go with that, it was interesting to play on Loomis’ murderous tendencies being hereditary. I’ve seen this explored in many of documentaries and it was new to see it in a film. Normally, I see someone groomed to be a murderer, someone who idolizes a murderer, or someone who just has an unexplained urge.

This will probably be a bit controversial, but it made sense but didn’t when Sam said it felt right to kill someone. Originally, I just took it as it felt right to kill the killer until I realized they were getting at the fact that she thought it felt good to kill.

I’m tired of watching horror movies where people wait to shoot someone with a knife, where someone just does something completely stupid like walk down a dark alley while on the phone with someone you don’t see but says you should, or when people miraculously don’t die when they should, This movie does all of that and maybe more. What I did appreciate was that at least the main girls, Sam and Tara, tried to stay alive. The bodega scene was clever. It actually showed that the characters both wanted to live and were smart.

You know what grinded my gears? Now, I did not see or remember seeing Scream V, so bear with me. But and however, how did you have a boyfriend and you never met or saw his parents or siblings? Now, I know there is a whole show called My Secret Relationship, but I cannot believe that Sam never saw that man FaceTime his family, saw pictures, or met these people! I just can’t believe it. That bothered me when the killers were revealed. Let me know how you felt about it but I was in the theater like, “How?”

Last note: NEVER have a scene where you play “Blow the Whistle” and everyone in the room doesn’t say what Too $hort’s favorite word is. I was HIGHLY annoyed that they had this whole frat party, that played two very prominent black songs, and they entire crowd was not reacting to the song. I know it’s a movie but they can still scream Too $hort’s favorite word.

But tell me what’s your favorite scary movie? Is this one better than the original? Did you figure out who the killers were before they were revealed? Did you like them?

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