Hear Me Out: Top Billing

You ever watch a movie and see those initial credits roll that has the names of the main cast? You ever watch a movie and go, “Ooo, so and so is in this movie!” You get all excited, see the person on screen, and then they either die or never show up again for the remainder of the film. Couple cases come to mind.

Last night, I watched In Too Deep for the first time in years. I watched those credits roll and I see Jermaine Dupri. I’m like, “Jermaine Dupri was in this movie?” Fast forward to the middle of the movie and Dupri shows up for about five minutes and gets his ass beat. Then, I never see him again.

Another example–Stomp the Yard. Remember when we thought Chris Brown would be in the whole film? Sike!

Here’s what’s eating me about this. I get it. Agents make deals for their clients to get them better pay, more screen time, or whatever, but I’m looking at those opening credits to see who’s important in the film. Not whose agent got them a spot in the film. That does not help me! Stop it!

Now, this doesn’t apply to surprises or surprise cameos, but again, I, as the nerd I am, am looking at the opening credits to educate myself on who I will be seeing for the next two hours or so. If it’s not something like Mike Tyson in The Hangover, then why are you here on my screen?!

Top billing should be reserved for people you want me to fully invest in. I shouldn’t have any investment in Jermaine Dupri in In Too Deep. I just shouldn’t.

Short rant but what do yall think? Do you read the opening credits? Does it bother you when you see a name and they show up for five minutes?

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