Let’s Talk: Secrets of Dumbledore

By the time you read this, I would have probably seen this movie twice. I viewed it opening night with two of my bestest friends and left with both a lot of questions and a lot of answers. Let’s go over a few…

First things first, where was Tina the entire film?

The actress, Katherine Waterston, was sick during the filming of this installment of Fantastic Beasts. I heard in a few videos I watched prior to the movie that she had COVID and was probably supposed to be on this journey with Newt and the gang, but ended up not being able to. If you notice, when we do see her, Waterston looks smaller and a bit frail. I hope her health is doing better and we can see her in full in the next movie. There are two more left, if I recall.

Do we like the new Grindelwald?

No, no we do not. As we all know, the powers that be decided to replace Depp (he technically bowed out before they could really do so, but still) with Mads Mikkelsen, a fabulous actor. He was great in Doctor Strange. He’s been in a slew of movies. Did he need to be in this one? Absolutely not. Should have just stuck with Depp because this Heard vs. Depp case is ridiculous anyway and I SAID WHAT I SAID. The problem for me was the fact that I believed nothing he said. Didn’t believe in him, his threats, his plan, his followers, nothing. I never felt like I was in danger. That’s what was so captivating about Depp’s portrayal and even Ralph Fiennes as Voldemort. Just wasn’t there for me, but please hire him for other stuff. But also, bring Depp back for the last two films.

Is Queenie as stupid as she seems to be?

Queenie, Queenie, Queenie…*deep sigh*. When Depp was Grindlewald, I believed that Queenie believed that this was the best thing for her relationship with Jacob. With Mikkelsen as Grindlewald, I think she can see that she made a grave mistake. We got her back in the end and she is finally married with the love of her life but…will she be able to stay where she is through the end. It doesn’t say if her and Jacob don’t have any kids. It also says that she’s a half-blood so why did Grindlewald accept her anyway? If he was a seer, you would think he would have seen that, but you could argue that his mission was to preserve all magic regardless of purity which is what inspired Voldemort to only want to keep pure bloods.

What broke the blood pact?

Alright, here is what I was trying to explain to my best friend during the movie. Originally, before it was briefly explained, I thought it was because the real love between the two was over, and I still believed that played a role in the breaking of this blood pact. However, here’s what I believe happened. The pact was made so Dumbledore and Grindlewald couldn’t attack each other directly. Earlier in the film, while they try to recruit Newt’s brother Theseus, Dumbledore shows how even thinking ill of the other can pose a threat to their life. In the moment that the pact was broken, neither of them were thinking or acting ill towards the other. Like Dumbledore said, he though to protect while Grindlewald sought to destroy, or kill in the instance of Credence.

Did Credence die?

Eventually he will because we don’t hear about him in the future at all. We see that he’s becoming weaker but we do not see him die. His father takes him…back to Hogsmeade is the best guess there. He is well past the time when he should have died.

Here’s a good one: If Credence is using his magic, then how can he still be an obscurial?

I’m gon’ kill ‘em with this one: Who is Credence’s mom?

After rewatching the baby swap scene in Crimes of Grindlewald, we see Credence’s mom for a second as she grabs her baby and tries to flee the sinking ship, which we think is the Titanic. She looks to be by herself. We don’t know why she was traveling to America. In this film, we do find out that she was send away; however, in the previous film, she looks to be an adult, so when was she sent away and why? Why was she going to America and who did she know here? I think this is the next big mystery because it can explain this phoenix situation. A phoenix always comes to a Dumbledore in need but it seemed like the phoenix never really came to Credence. It was always around him but never perched on him. Is it because of his blood? Dumbledore and his siblings are half-bloods, but I think his mother is the real clue that can help clarify that mystery.

Where was Nagini?

No clue. She has to come back at some point and I don’t think it’s a coincidence that she found Tom Riddle. I want to know when.

Why is Minerva in this series? She isn’t even born!

There has to be a reason why we keep hearing about Minerva. If you recall, she said she had been sitting on the Nagini secret for years, so who knows what the secret of Minerva is. Maybe this isn’t even the Minerva we know. Could be an option but for the writers to intentionally keep putting her in the films, making sure we know of her presence, is a clue to something bigger in the works. Mark my words.

Does Bunty end up with Newt?

Sadly, for her, she does not, but I think she made peace with that in this movie. I wonder if Tina knows she’s the new picture in his case?

What secrets did Dumbledore have?

I think the movie should have been called Secrets of the Dumbledores because the family had secrets and not just Dumbledore. I think because for so long we only knew one Dumbledore so when we hear Dumbledore, we only think of Albus. Now, especially in this film, we know more Dumbledores so I think the secret was really for Credence and Aberforth. Which, to be clear, I was going to make a “Hear Me Out” about Credence being a cousin and a close second was that he was either Albus or Aberforth’s child. I was so close that I will consider that a win! *takes bow*

What questions do you have after watching this film? The biggest twist for me was the fact that the Qillin picks Dumbledore and he was like, “I’m flattered, but no.” You had the all the power in the wizarding world and you turned it down? That’s a real, pure man right there. I applaud his efforts. He knows he was destined for a greater cause and power never excited him anyway. Wish more people were like that. Anyway, let me know what questions I might have missed and tell me any new theories you have!

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