Karma’s World: Review

(To the tune of “Blow the Whistle” by Too Short) What’s my favorite thing to watch? Children and teen shows! Don’t ask me why. I just enjoy watching them and not having to think too hard and I don’t usually end up hating someone the entire show.

On the surface, Karma’s World can seem like a show about a little Black girl who goes around her neighborhood with her friends, but I see the show as more than that. Karma does aspire to be a rapper but not for money or flashy things. She wants to use the experience she’s had with the people in her community as the basis for her future career. Karma raps about the people around her, her dilemmas, and her hopes and dreams.

Let’s be honest, when budget cuts come around, the arts are usually the first thing to go, so I don’t mind having a show that shows a little girl who like to rhyme. Her rhymes are actually good, if you ask me. What I love is the fact that she is able to show kids that you can rap about a lot more than just money and cars. She’s got a whole neighborhood full of inspiration and everyone in the neighborhood is just as special as she is. Her best friend is a great dancer and makes beats and the other has a mom who owns a record shop. Karma seems to be the “glass is half full” person in the neighborhood. The spirt of the neighborhood, if you will. I like the images in this series. She’s got rivals and she’s not randomly disrupting class to rap. It’s not one of those shows where he only goes home, to school and to a friend’s house. They really do explore a lot of different places in her neighborhood.

If I was a kid (I mean I am a big kid), I’d watch this show and probably have my own rhyme book. Season 2 is streaming now sans Ludacris, who is the voice of her dad, but still watch!

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