Louder and Prouder: Review

Let’s go ahead and get some things out of the way. No, there is no Orlando Brown. Much like Raven’s Home, this is another bag he fumbled with his infamous rant about damn near everybody he’s been in contact with. No, we do not like the theme song. Honestly, Louder and Prouder was made for the people who originally watched this show in the hopes that we would show it to our children. Solange is available and someone could have called her. Disney has the money, but instead, you created the “skip intro” button that I now use every episode.

I had written a review when the first two episodes dropped, and somehow, that review disappeared. So this is take two of the review of The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder. After watching five episodes of this new iteration of the series, I can say that my favorite character has changed from the new and improved Michael to none other than Penny Proud. I love her evolution as a person. Is she still a bit annoying? Yes. Is she a bit of a brat? Yes. Has she proven herself as a good person? Also, yes. My favorite episode so far is the episode about Maya and KG’s dads being gay. Penny stood firm against anyone, including her friends, who made fun of them for having two dads (which, honestly, people, it’s 2022. This should be a normal thing for everyone at this point). I also love that Penny gets to teach her father some things. In the original, it was a lot of her mother giving her motherly guidance. I like how the roles have been reversed and she gets to educate her dad on who she’s now becoming.

What I love most about this show is the fact that it feels just like it did when I watched it. That’s the goal when we introduce these kids to the shows we used to watch that y’all keep remaking and rebooting. If we don’t like the new stuff, guess what? We’re just going to have them watch the old episodes….which are better anyway. So, thank you to the entire cast who graciously came back and said that they would reprise their roles for all us 30 some year olds watching the show like it’s 2003.

The only missed opportunity is obviously Sticky. I assume KG will take over the role of the cool tech kid, but I would have loved if someone said, “You know what? Call him and get him in here.” Someone has to give him a chance eventually. Despite the crazy, think about what a talent Orlando is and has been in both film and television.

Keep it coming, Disney. I like the direction you all have been going in. Don’t make me a liar!

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