Let’s Talk:…About Anna

We all know we don’t talk about Bruno, but in the end, Bruno was just misunderstood. I blame his mama but that’s a whole other post. Anna Delvy aka Anna Sorokin was a con artist who swindled dozens of stupid people out of millions of dollars, including Rachel (I’m with you, girl). But how was she able to do it? What was her motive? Who is Anna Sorokin exactly?

I can only partially answer the first question I posed. The girl is white with a weird foreign accent living in America at a time when the president favored big business and the rich. Of course her scheme would work! No one was really paying attention and they didn’t have to because of some of the things that had changed at the time.

The second two questions are a little harder to answer, and this is one of my gripes with the series. We never got a backstory to Sorokin. I don’t know what her motive was, honestly. Where did the idea of ADF come from? The series made it seem like it was an idea that came out of thin air and not something she had dreamed of for years. In my quick Google search and scan of the information, I can’t give you anything more than that, and I don’t know much about her parents or her upbringing. Now, that could be because Sorokin doesn’t really talk about it since she wanted everyone to believe she had a German trust fund, but no one contacted a friend in Russia who knew her? I realize now how absurd that sounds as I reread it but somebody has to know something more.

Sorokin was an average white woman in New York City that bamboozled the slowest people I have ever seen portrayed on TV. Now, you might be saying, “Amber, you don’t know these people and you can’t judge them based on seeing nine hours of a Netflix series.” You are right, HOWEVER, let me give you a few examples. Let’s start with my least favorite person, Neff. I’m glad she’s in LA and hopefully making the film she talked so often about, but girlfriend, how?! You saw the con! You called it out! How are you still so loyal to a person who helped you do nothing, wasn’t actually your friend, and was rude to those in the service industry?! I was rooting for you because you were one of four minorities in this story, but you disappointed me.

The banker…smh. I knew he would be easy to swindle because of the conversation we saw he had with his daughter who probably reminded him of Sorokin. She had the ambition that he wished his daughter had—she just need collateral. Now, America is going to America, and I expected nothing less in this situation. However, just because he got a promotion, doesn’t mean he doesn’t feel the gravity of his stupidity. The wire transfer issues is what was getting me because you are in an industry where you can verify the issues the fake trustee man said they were having. You could have used basic Catfish tactics to figure this out man! But when the man at the desk told him that he had court 12 open for him and he had to walk all the way down the hall to an empty court, that was his punishment. Men are fragile, so I know this cut him to his core, and everyone knows that you’re stupid. People who used to think you were the most esteemed, smart, by-the-book person now only see you as that guy who signed off for money for a con artist who wasn’t even that clever!

Rachel set it off! She said, “Not today, Satan!” I need this job! She thought she would risk it all until they said you will be charged with fraud because this is your card, girl! I admire that she, unlike literally everyone else, said enough is enough and she must pay for screwing me over, but *tap tap* Rachel…this was your fault and that’s why she wasn’t charged for your count. You’d have had it better if she actually stole your card, but you let her use white woman tears on you and you put your company card down. YOU, girl!

But back to Anna. She, herself, mentioned not feeling as pretty as some women and boasted the entire time about how men can get away with things but not women. Is this your motive? If you watched the series, she wasn’t particularly clever with anything she did. You ran up that lady’s account and you were the only person with access to the account, you used the “The bank has done something to my cards” story, and you just blew through accounts full of cash so quick. How long did you think this would last? Also, let’s talk about the jail sentence. I don’t think she was in there long enough. She’s out now and on the verge of being deported but I think hard labor should have been her punishment.

If you’ve watched the series, help me fill in some blanks! Are you an annoyed with everyone as I am? Can you tell me her motive? Why do you think it was so easy for her to run this scam? What does this tell us about not only society but business institutions? And here’s another thing, do other countries have as many scammers as we do? Do people in China or India get calls from friends who are working for pyramid schemes?

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