The Harder they Fall: Trailer Review

Two things I don’t really like, musicals and westerns. I struggled through Hamilton, y’all. Even though I don’t enjoy westerns (my grandma and my best friend’s dad do), the storyline is as basis as you can get. Typically, it involves robbing, territory or, everyone’s favorite, revenge. The Harder They Fall took the last theme as their approach.

The Harder They Fall, not to be confused with 1956’s The Harder They Fall starring Humphrey Bogart which centers around a con man, is a story of a longstanding beef between Nat Love, played by Jonathan Majors who you should remember from LoveCraft Country and will be staring as Kang the Conquerer in the third installment of Marvel’s Ant-Man, and Rufus Black, played by Idris Elba who you should know from all the things because duh. Long story short, Black killed Love’s parents, and when Love hears of Black’s escape from prison, he’s out for blood. So in true western fashion, the gangs round up their best gun slingers for a showdown in the middle of town. The title picture I chose is Love and Stagecoach Mary–terrible name by the way. I imagine since this a story made for 2021 that the plot will have a little more juice than simply revenge.

Here’s what I need to see. I need to see some level of deep connection. Like I said, Westerns are very basic and this is usually by I am bored. It takes more than action shots to appease me. Based on this photo, Mary and Love might have a deeper relationship. They could be family or past lovers. I don’t know. I want to know how these gangs came to be. What makes you trust these people enough to defend your parents’ honor? I also, of course, need to see epic fights and gun slinging, and please make it something I either didn’t see coming or something I haven’t seen before.

Now, here are some fun facts about the movie that I’m sure you didn’t know. Of course, this movie was filmed during a global pandemic and had to be shutdown at a certain point because of a positive COVID result from someone one set. The shutdown caused one actress to have to bow out. Wonder who that could be? Cynthia Erivo, and now that I know that, I can’t unsee her in the trailer! She would have been a perfect addition to this star-studded cast but alas, the chaos of the world interfered with our hopes and dreams. Jeymes Samuel is a name that many of us have never heard of before. Let me enlighten you. Samuel also known by his stage name “The Bullitts” is the brother of Seal. SEAL y’all! Legendary singer Seal is his blood! Samuel also worked on one of my favorite movies–Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby that starred Leonardo DiCaprio and the first Spider-Man and DiCaprio’s best friend Tobey Macguire. He served at the Executive Music Supervisor for the film.

I could have sworn that Netflix had given us a release date but I cannot find one. All the articles just say it will be released this Fall both in theaters and on Netflix. Personally, I want to see this on the big screen. Last but not least, RJ Cyler is one of my faves and I cannot wait to see the energy he brings to his character and this film as a whole.

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