Classics: Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park is by far one of my favorite movies and will forever be a part of my childhood. Even then, I knew Jeff Goldblum was fine. The rest of you are late but back to the movie.

Jurassic Park is the story of John Hammond and his imagination run wild–literally. Hammond wants to open a theme park based around dinosaurs but not an exhibit with bones of history’s past. No, that’s too small. Hammond wants to resurrect ACTUAL DINOSAURS for amusement, entertainment and education. How do they do it you ask? Glad you did. Scientist excavate various areas across the country to harvest dino DNA. Once harvested, the scientists mixed the DNA with that of frog DNA, and viola, there’s your dinosaur. Remember the video below?

What could possibly go wrong? A lot, movie. A lot. That’s where Alan Grant, Ellie Sattler and Ian Malcolm come in. The bloodsucking lawyer goes to find them because–shocker–a couple of people have died trying to get this park off the ground. The insurance company needs experts to ok the park in order to insure it and I’m sure there plenty of people who would jump at the chance to give a thumbs up to an amusement park filled with prehistoric creatures. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Jurassic Park is having all the technical issues. The park is at a point where literally anything could go wrong….so they invite Grant, Malcom, Sattler and Hammond’s niece and nephew to the park for a test run. “May the odds be ever in your favor” should have been the tagline for this movie and not The Hunger Games.

As a child, you don’t see all the red flags. Actually, as a child, the only things you remember are people being eaten, everyone running through the artificial jungle and Dennis being attacked by the Dilophosaurus.

The scares in this film are crafted so well. Even as an adult, you feel that terror when the Tyrannosaurus Rex started to tip the jeep with the children over. You also screamed at the screen when she kept fooling around with the flashlight and screaming. You know what I noticed as an adult watching this movie multiple times? I can only remember seeing Hammond a handful of times in this movie. Looks like a setup to me. I’m not saying anything…but I’m saying something.

Jurassic Park is a classic movie because it plays with real possibilities. If you recall, 1993 was the year that a human embryo was first cloned, and even though we had a long way to go, this wasn’t that far out of the realm of possibilities. We later cloned a whole sheep. Not a half of sheep, a whole sheep! Watching this back now, I often wonder if someone, somewhere is actually rewatching this movie at the same time I am in a lab somewhere with a baby T-Rex. Stranger things have happened.

Tell me, what do you remember from this movie? What was your favorite scene? A scene that always stands out to me is the scene with the jello. Tim and Lex had literally just sat down after escaping death and all they wanted was some jello. Couldn’t even have that because Velociraptors figured out how to open doors. Again, within the realm of possibilities.

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