Hear Me Out: Kang Theory

So I’ve read a lot of articles and watched a lot of videos about this last episode and Kang the Conqueror, in general, but I have a theory that goes beyond the end of this episode.

First, I want to establish that this theory is based on Nathaniel Richards–not Kang the Conqueror. You see, Loki set up a rule, of sorts. Anyone and anything that existed on the “Sacred Timeline”–the timeline set up by He Who Remains as his prize for winning the Multiversal War–is seen as the original. We’ve seen a lot of Loki’s but the only one that was supposed to exist, or rather allowed to exist, was Loki Prime. Everyone else was pruned. We’ll get back to pruning later. I say all this to say that Nathaniel Richards is the original which means these are not variants of Kang, like I’ve seen other content creators proclaim. Well how does this change anything, Amber? I’m glad you asked. In the comics, Nathaniel Richards is a descendant of Reed Richards who is part of what? The Fantastic Four! Do you see where I’m going with this? Maybe? Ok, let me flesh it out some more.

Let’s go back to the Multiversal War and how I think that went. Remember when He Who Remains mentions his original variant, which sounds backwards but I digress, who lived in the 31st century? I imagine, though it’s not said, that Richards was a scientist whose field of study was based in multiversal science OR he was working on something entirely different and stubbled upon this discovery. I want to go with the latter but it could go either way. Ok, so fast forward to when he said that there started to be friction among the variants. He Who Remains was able to domesticate, if you will, Alioth and use him to win the war. Now, remember those four statues in his office? Well, you may only remember three because one is broken. I think the broken statue is Richards. I don’t necessarily believe that Richards was involved in the war. He is a scientist and not someone who’s background in war or war tactics. I think Richards fled during the war or when he realized that He Who Remains would win. I think the original copy of both these variants is hidden somewhere.

Well, who cares? I’ll tell you why you should care. He Who Remains had the right idea, so to speak. Create one Scared Timeline to eliminate chaos that will be caused by…well…himself. You see, He Who Remains created this Sacred Timeline and the TVA to prevent the world from himself. This pruning and reseting is to protect the world from his variants. I think he is really pruning people like Sylvie because anything that could be out of place could lead to Kang–or even someone worse–showing up and destroying the peace He Who Remains thinks he’s preserving.

As I see it, with He Who Remains gone, there is only one person who can stop Kang and that’s his original–Nathaniel Richards. Since Richards is a descendant of Richards, I think this will be part of the mission of the Fantastic Four, to find Richards to understand what it will take to stop his chaos.

Marvel, I am available if you would like to talk to me further about the next phases in your franchise. But what do you think? Sound like a plan or do you see it going another way?

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