A Deep Dive into ‘Loki’: “For All Time. Always.”

Remember when Cap was able to call Mjolnir to him in Endgame and how your theater erupted, much like Thor, with glee as he did it and tore Thanos up as best he could before the calvary came in? THE MINUTE THE LIGHT UNDER THAT DOOR LIT UP AND THAT DOOR OPENED, I was reminded of that scene. My ENTIRE FACE lit up! Marvel is really doubling down on these series. If you don’t watch and comprehend these series, THEN YOU WILL BE LOST COME MOVIE TIME and vice versa.

Jonathan Majors as “He Who Remains” in Loki.

Here’s what we got wrong though. Who we met at the end of all time is not Kang the Conquerer. Jonathan Majors in the Loki series is “He Who Remains.” These comic book names are lame but I digress. He tells the story of himself as a scientist in the 30th century–a man who discovered the multiverse. Why he was special? He doesn’t say. There were a lot of unanswered questions and I will be scattering them throughout this post. So he discovers the multiverse and so do his fellow variants, and they decide, somehow, to exchange information. It goes well for a time, much like it did for Loki at first, until someone figures they can rule it all. If you notice, his animation shows three versions of himself. Where have we seen three figures before? The Time Lizards…I mean the Time Keepers. The Time Keepers were just different versions of himself. After all the fighting, He Who Remains…remained and took it upon himself to make sure what happened to him never happened to anyone else. And so, he created the TVA. He does not say where the idea came from, where the magic came from to prune people and events, how the void was created or even where he got that apple from but hopefully someone will explain all of that in a movie or in season two. He figured he was doing the right thing. Why he took the people he took and made then TVA agents? We also have no idea. I want to pause and just say that there are a bevy of actors that could have been where Majors stood but he would have been the only person that had that range, that weird edge and could keep me entertained for that long of a scene! The crafting of this character and the casting was phenomenal! Anyway, it caught my ear when he said something to the effect of, “You wouldn’t want to meet my variants” indicating that he is the nice one. This version of…He Who Remains–because he never tells us his real name–is candid, zany, weird yet honest. I guessed it, he’s tired. He’s been watching and planning all the things so he can go away on his own jet ski. (Sorry, guys, no jet ski this season. We don’t even have the same Mobius.) He wants his own escape to freedom but he’s not doing the same for the people on the timeline. And, yes, I understand the motive and the motive is pure. It is right? Absolutely not but it’s what he deemed necessary to keep his own variants at bay and to preserve the sanity of everyone else.

You know what I really want to know? WHO IS MISS MINUTES?? What is she, y’all? Like really. Is she just the consciousness of He Who Remains? I don’t think so because He made it seem like she had a mind of her own and made up this name for him, but where did she go! How did he create her and his fortress? This episode left me with so many questions! AND THEN Marvel had a nerve to pull the rug out from under us when Mobius asked Loki who he was!

Confused Wade GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY

HOW MARVEL? This made up for the “Agatha All Along.” (By the way, Kathryn Hahn will be back…in some movie or series. We don’t know how but with an ending to a series like Loki she is more valuable than ever and Wanda is in danger, girl.) I won’t ever talk about my anger about that reveal ever again. You win and I apologize.

Did anyone else think of those Killmonger shots when he showed up to the meeting to challenge T’Challa when Loki and Sylvie walked down the corridor? That shot was a signal in Black Panther that the tides of power were about to change. Same notion here. Sylvie killed He Who Remains and I believe Kang the Conquerer shows up. Now, what I can’t figure out is what he’s doing in Ant-Man? Time works differently in the quantum realm so does that mean a variant of He Who Remains is hiding out in there? Is that version of him the key to setting everything right? Side note, I really wanted to see if they would reunite Majors and Mosaku. I knew it was a long shot but a girl can dream and there’s a season two where I’m sure the two will meet.

Last but not least, besides Miss Minutes, where did Ravonna go? I don’t know if Miss Minutes can be trusted or if He Who Remains lied about not knowing what would happen after a certain point and set Ravonna on a path to help solve this problem. But, again, WHERE IS SHE, Marvel?! We know that in her former life she was a teacher. Was a variant of Kang a teacher in her school? What’s the relation here? Were they involved? What is her actual name? I could not read the degree behind Hunter B-15. We also need to know what she was doing before she was a hunter. When Sylvie showed her her life, she said she looked happy. So what gives?! I want to know! And when is season two coming out! Please send help!

What questions do you have from the season finale and what do you need to see going forward in either season two or in the next film? Do you think Kang is the big bad in this phase or do you think a bigger bad is coming for his throne? Also, apologize to Wanda because she was not the woman who created this mess. Sylvie was and I don’t know what she’s going to do now in a castle with a dead man guarded by a smoke dragon at the end of time. Good luck with that, girl!

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