A Deep Dive into The Falcon and The Winter Soldier: “Truth”

Remember when I said I do not like Fake Cap? This episode almost made me take that back because it almost showed me that he was a person with feelings and a point. He was almost on the same level as Killmonger or Thanos but then, the post credits scene just showed that he was crazy. He even said, “I am Captain America” in sort of the same cadence as Tony Stark did when he declared that he was Iron Man, the first time. All hope was lost after that and I went back to not liking him. I also saw how they got a close up of his wife when they told him that he’d have no title and no benefits in “retirement.” I was surprised she was in the courtroom with him. I thought sure she would have left him by then and the way they took that close up, makes me think he will–eventually.

But back to the point he had while on the stand. He was absolutely right. He followed every order, did everything they asked of him–they made him who he believes he is. As I said in a pervious post, this is the issue with Walker and Karli. They have no idea who they really are. He really believes that his is Steve Rogers or that he possesses the same strength that he had. He does not and the fact that he believes that in his soul is not good for his mental health. Is Bucky’s therapist available for him? Bucky seems like he just needs check-ins at this point or maybe Sam could take over. Walker needs attention!

Moving on to Julia Louis-Dreyfus as Valentina Allegra de Fontaine. Now, they hinted to us that there would be an A-list appearance in this episode, and honestly, I was thinking it was going to be someone…bigger. Not as if Louis-Dreyfus isn’t an A-list celebrity but she isn’t usually the first choice in names when you start to list people in that category. This sounds worse as I continue to type this so I’ll end by saying I didn’t gasp when I saw her. Now, when I started watching YouTube reviews and doing some research on the character, I became more intrigued. He character can go one of two ways: She can be part of Hydra or she can be the Nick Fury for the Thunderbolts. I’m torn between the two because there has been a lot of talk, even in this series, about cutting off the head of one but more forming, something Hydra agents always said before they committed suicide.

Let’s skip to Isiah Bradley. There is a LONG history of Black people being abused by the medical community and the government. The Tuskegee Experiment, Henrietta Lacks and many more stories we don’t even know have gone on for years. It’s stories like these that are the basis for many Black and brown people in America not getting COVID vaccines. They don’t trust medical professionals. I don’t blame them. I remember hearing real stories, like the one Isiah told us that is a fictional story, and being shocked that a country I lived in with ancestors that built it would do us like that. There are whole medical breakthroughs that happened because doctors at John Hopkins hospital stole Henrietta Lacks cells when she was dying and her family never knew FOR YEARS. When they finally did figure it out, they couldn’t get a dime. The world knows the story now but what is the family supposed to do with that? Reading Immortal Life of Henrietta LacksĀ was eye opening for me and the younger generation is much like Sam. We want to fix what those before us couldn’t and I feel for Sam because he just wants this to be right and acknowledged. However, I also agree with Isiah in that I could only imagine what the government would attempt to do with a person they though was dead telling dirty government secrets. Would not go over well and they have people like Karli to deal with. Imagine how many more people would join her fight. I’m glad we were able to come back to Isiah and get his full story and I’m glad, as a viewer, that he is able to live in his own peace. We’ll see if they do anything with his grandson.

Sam and this boat. I am glad this side story was used as a backdrop to show Sam’s dedication to his family and his perseverance. He’s not giving up on this boat and I’m glad his sister is not selling it. I am also glad that Bucky ignored Sam and continues to flirt with Sarah. Also, never occurred to me that he was right-handed and didn’t always use the vibranium arm.

My favorite moment of this entire episode was the moment between Zemo and Bucky. Imagine when we first met these two characters, and remember when Bucky spoke to Sam, he said Zemo has a code. He was right. Zemo was on a mission to destroy the Avengers using Bucky…and it worked. His mission, then, was over. When I think back to when Bucky first saw Zemo in his cell and he started that chant, Zemo said he knew it wouldn’t work anymore. He didn’t want it to. He wanted Bucky to move on. He didn’t need him to be an assassin anymore and Bucky didn’t need to harbor that anger and vengefulness anymore. The moment he met him, pointed the gun and pulled the trigger was nerve-racking. BUT the gun clicked (notice Zemo never blinked) and he dropped all the bullets. I was ecstatic and what made it better were the sentiments that Zemo left with Bucky. THAT was a pivotal moment in Bucky’s healing. It’s the start that Sam was talking about. He did exactly what his therapist said before he left her–he didn’t hurt anyone…well, Walker but Walker is not part of Bucky’s therapy.

Karli….I just…I want her to go away. She’s a large kid throwing a tantrum at this point. She has to know if she kills the people who have to vote that they will more than likely just pick other people who would have voted the way the people she killed would have. This is how government works. Or the person you never wanted to make the decision in the first place ends up having to do exactly that. Lose, lose for her and she owes the Power Broker. I just don’t like her.

Any who, let me know what you think? How do you feel about Sarky or Bucah? If you have a better name for Sarah and Bucky, let me know! Also, I think we will see Sam in a new suit for the season finale.

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