A Deep Dive into The Falcon and the Winter Soldier: “The Star Spangled Man”

I do not like this new Captain America, and from here on out, he will be referred to as “Fake Captain America” or “Fake Cap” for short. Since I started with my loathing for him, let’s dissect him.

Captain America is not my favorite Avenger. Actually, he is my least favorite but I still have respect for him. First of all, the government is foul for introducing a “New Captain America.” When will people understand that you cannot just interchange people and expect us to accept it? He could have been anyone but you all made him the “New Captain America.” Shame. He doesn’t even think of the role the right way. The conversation between him and his friend, Lemar Hoskins, rubbed me the wrong way. Steve Rogers never gave us the impression that taking up the mantle of Captain America as a “job.” It was his duty which is vastly different in my book. The scene in Captain America: The First Avenger where Steve literally jumped on, what he thought was, a live grenade was pivotal. Steve, on paper, was nothing like John Walker. He was not strong, he wasn’t tall and he was not the ideal soldier in any sense of the word. You know what he did have? Courage, inner strength and a healthy dose of optimism. Walker has none of that and he should feel worse than Sam does. Being Captain America or filling his shoes in any capacity is not an easy decision to make. Sam understood that and realized that he may not have been who he knew Steve Rogers to be. Not Captain America. Walker didn’t know Steve at all but had seen Captain America and figured he would do what he always does, answer to the call of whatever he’s needed to do. There’s no passion there. There is a need, for Walker, to complete missions because that’s what he’s supposed to do. I don’t think he’s thinking about the people at this point. I also just don’t like Fake Cap.

Moving on to the Black super soldier that no one told anyone about. I understand why Buck never told anyone about Isiah and why Isiah wants nothing to do with anything Bucky brings to him. I do believe he might come around in later episodes, but for right now, he’s angry and understandably so. Where WandaVision dealt with the stages of depression, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier will deal with race and inequality. We saw in the first episode a glimpse of this with Sam and his sister in the loan office. Yes, Sam had been gone for five years and had no set income per say but racial inequities between minorities and whites is generational and only getting better in small percentages. Buck got to go around as an infinite killing machine without much consequence while Isiah, in his own words, was jailed and experimented on. Sounds like the plight of the Black man in America in general and not just in the world of this show. Then we capped it off with some police profiling. Joy!

I want to veer off here for a second. I don’t like the fact that a man can be picked up because he missed his court-ordered therapy. Did she at least call? While we’re here, let’s talk about Buck and his mini breakthrough. Buck is mad at Sam because he gave up the shield, a shield Cap specifically gave to him to keep. Sam didn’t think it belonged to him. Didn’t think he could carry the mantle with the same…grace that Cap had. Not what Buck saw. Buck saw a man who felt Cap was wrong and the shield wasn’t meant for him which in turn meant that Cap was wrong about Buck not being a bad person. The bond between Buck and Cap was strong. Any best friend friendship is and in those relationships, the words and thoughts of the other means the world to that other person. Buck believed Steve when he repeatedly told him he wasn’t a bad person. He couldn’t be wrong but if Sam wasn’t ready, could Cap be wrong? I think this idea is flawed. Sam’s personal feelings toward how Cap saw him, or the future Cap saw for him, are Sam’s alone. They have nothing to do with Buck and how Cap saw him but I get how he can feel that way.

What are we thinking guys? Is Dr. Strange just a wizard without a hat? Do you have to have a hat to be a wizard because Harry Potter only had one when the Sorting Hat was on his head?

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