Seven Deadly Sins: Trailer Review

So, does anyone remember watching a T.D. Jakes produced movie? No? Have you ever seem Jumping the Broom? What about Black Nativity with Jennifer Hudson and Forest Whitaker? What about Sparkle? Not the original. The one with Whitney Houston and Jordan Sparks. At least one of these rang a bell here. T.D. Jakes is like the Tyler Perry of church movies but he’s usually the producer or director. I’ve enjoyed seeing him evolve as a man of the cloth within the entertainment industry.

I say all of that to say that Lifetime is hosting Jakes’ next two movies which are part of a Seven Deadly Sins anthology based on books by Victoria Christopher Murray titled Lust and Envy. These movies were announced in 2019 and were probably supposed to be released in 2020 but you know…COVID.

The first of the two to be released is Lust: A Seven Deadly Sins Story staring Keri Hilson, Tank and Tobias Truvillion. Hilson’s character Tiffanie Cooper is about to marry the love of her life, Damon King. King is the founder of King Enterprises, which I believe will be the crux of this movie. Damon’s old friend Trey Taylor is released from prison just in time for this wedding and starts to shake things up. Here’s what I think will happen in this movie. Trey comes out, shows Tiffanie the excitement and danger she’s lacking in her life and ends up tearing this relationship apart. I also believe that Trey’s time in jail has something to do with Damon and this company. Will they get married at the end of the movie? I don’t think so. The lesson here: Be careful what you wish for and be grateful for what you have.

The second of the two is Envy: A Seven Deadly Sins Story which stars Serayah, Kandi Burruss Tucker, Clifton Powell and Hosea Chanchez. This plot seems a bit more predictable than the pervious movie mentioned. Apparently, Gabrielle Flores, played by Rose Rollins who you may remember from The L Word (never watched that show), runs a successful PR firm and is living her best life when her father, who I’m going to assume Clifton Powell is playing, tells her she has a long-lost half-sister, Keisha. This may sound wrong but I’m going to say it anyway. I have never met a calm Keisha so I think it is safe to say that this Keisha will be here to destroy the entire operation. You see, Keisha doesn’t have what Gabrielle does and she’s jealous or envious, if you will (see what I did there). My prediction? She goes for whoever Gabrielle is dating or married to who I would assume is whoever Chanchez is playing. The still is of her being arrested with police lights reflecting off her skin so….yeah. Think she might try to take her half-sister out to be who she is, but life does not work that way. Her actions will be her downfall. Now, what I can’t really predict is Keisha’s backstory. It’s easy to just say that she will be from a broken home and have less than her sister who had their dad in her life, I assume, but I would hope this isn’t her backstory or at least not all of it. Somehow, I don’t have much faith that my wish will not come to pass.

Lust kicks off this two-weekend event with a premiere on April 10th at 8 pm EST while Envy debuts the following weekend, the 17th, at the same time. Set your DVR, grab a girlfriend and lets talk to the TV together.

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