Stroll Down Memory Lane: Doctor Strange

First thing’s first, Strange should be dead. I don’t care how you slice it. That car crash should have killed this famed doctor and we shouldn’t even have this movie, and yet, here we are.

Where Cap and Tony are polar opposites, he and Strange are the same person, and I’m sure I said this in a previous post. Meeting the Ancient One is Strange’s kidnapped and hidden in a cave story. Stark got to make a suit but I’ll settle for the graphics here.

If I were you, as a resident Marvel Cinematic Universe fan, I would go back and watch Ant-Man and Doctor Strange. With the third and second, respectively, coming out soon, we need to revisit how all of these things work in connection with each other. Personally, I rewatched Doctor Strange because of episode seven of WandaVision. I couldn’t remember if Chthon was mentioned in this movie or not but I’m having a good time watching and doing research. Much like Ant-Man being the key to the events in Endgame, I think whatever we haven’t been paying attention to in Doctor Strange can be key to what’s next in Phase 5.

Also, Mordo told him not to be disrespectful and what does he do when he gets in there? Be disrespectful. Can’t take Strange nowhere. Another side note here. Why did no one ever tell Hulk about the Ancient One before Endgame? I feel like she would have been an immense help to him and his battle within himself but I digress.

You know what I find charming about this film even though when I first watched it it took me three tries to get past the first 15 or so minutes? I love how the Ancient One was able to take his former life and relate it to his soon to be new life as a sorcerer. It not only helped Strange in the film but it also helped us as a viewer who may be more familiar with surgical procedures. Or maybe it just sounds easier than explaining magic.

You know what else I loved about this movie besides the graphics and cinematography? I loved how magic seemed mystic but practical. It wasn’t an end all. There were rules and a known order, something we don’t always see when dealing with magic. Plus, we get to see his cloak act as comic relief, because Wong just won’t laugh at the jokes.

There are so many nuggets that I think link directly to Wanda and Agatha but the best part of this movie is how he defeated Dormammu. He beat this villain by just getting on his nerves which tickled me as I watched the first time all the way through. Strange was like the toddler that keeps asking for ice cream or that scene in Family Guy where Stewie keeps calling for Lois. There’s a lot we don’t know about the Dark Dimension and I feel like we’re going to be revisiting that in his next film because as one of my favorite characters always says, “Magic always comes at a price.”

What do you remember about Doctor Strange? Did you laugh when Wong finally did because I didn’t? Sound off. Also, bring Chiwetel Ejiofor back! We need him in all the things.

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