Stroll Down Memory Lane: Thor

I just want to start by saying that I’m so glad Marvel’s graphics have gotten better and better over the years. They were rough in this film, but the makeup was superb which I think made up for the graphics. Also, we don’t talk about Thor the film as much as we talk about Thor the character.

If you think hard enough, you can see a little Tony Stark in every character, even Cap. But Thor…I never realized how arrogant he used to be. I see why his transformation in Thor: Ragnarok was so pivotal in this character’s story. He needed to be taken down a few notches and understand who he really was as a king of such an esteemed realm. He didn’t go to the “T’Chaka School of Being a King.”

Anyway, riddle me this. If Agent Coulson was around when Carol Danvers crash landed in that Blockbuster and I’m pretty sure he was around when Banner was experimenting on himself, why did he assume Thor was an assassin from some rogue country? You would think he, of all people, would be aware of things that don’t belong on Earth suddenly showing up…on Earth, but maybe not.

I, honestly, forgot a lot of this film so excuse me as I piece this movie together again. I hate the sideways shots. I don’t know if you were a fan but I am not. Kenneth Branagh was the director of this film and if you’re not familiar with him by name, you definitely know his characters.

Ever watch Wild Wild West? I have and he was the highlight of the movie as Dr. Loveless.

Image result for kenneth branagh wild wild west

Still nothing? Ok, how about this one.

Image result for kenneth branagh harry potter and the chamber of secrets

He also directed the live-action Cinderella. I saw all of this to say that this brilliant director and character actor did not need to do these Inception-like shots in this movie. It was not a mystery film. It was a redemption story. Then, after a certain point in the film, we just abandoned those shots altogether. I wasn’t sad to see them go but it was like, “We’re not doing that anymore? But why?” I’m guessing it was supposed to signal division but I was just annoyed but it.

I wanted there to be more science than there was lore. They introduced us to Jane, Darcy and Professor Selvig but we don’t really get to explore all the work they did that was eventually stolen by S.H.I.E.L.D.

Odin says, “Whoever should be worthy, should possess the power of Thor,” and I have a question. So, I understand that Thor is Thor and this obviously means that whoever wields Mjolnir has the same powers that Thor does when he wields her like Cap did in the Battle of Endgame; however, when Thor dies, does the next person who would have wield Mjolnir become Thor? Does anyone get what I’m saying? Like would Thor’s kid be Thor? If he wields Mjolnir, does he not get to explore his own manhood? Also, does Stormbreaker behave the same way as Mjolnir? Do you have to be worthy in order to wield it?

Thor was an ok introduction to this god. I’m biased but I still like Iron Man better. There was just so much there. The twist with Loki was good but the side villains here didn’t really do it for me.

Tell me what you remember from Thor. Thor isn’t my favorite Avenger. He’s near the bottom with Cap (I said what I said). Where does this rank for you in the MCU?


  1. I have a genuine affinity for this movie – warts and all. Branagh is one of my favourite directors so anything he makes has an advantage from me from the start. And yes, him using all the Dutch angles to make it look more “comic book” didn’t work.

    That said, I love the sincerity and joy the whole cast brings to their roles. Every one of them knows their character and is clearly enjoying inhabiting them – which can lead to some of them feeling under-utilised since we just want to spend all the time in the world with them.

    This is also one of the few MCU movies that has a lot of deleted scenes and looking through them – seeing Loki joke with and build up Thor’s confidence before his coronation or Thor bringing a new mug to the diner to replace the one he broke in the “ANOTHER!” scene – there’s a lot of beautiful character work that the theatrical cut lacks and thus makes the end result less satisfying.

    So when you say Thor isn’t your fave, I totally understand why. There’s a lot this movie’s trying to do & it definitely doesn’t always get there. But I adore the cast & the charisma and sincerity they bring. I adore the style and the design of Asgard. And I adore something Branagh said on the commentary (yes, I’m that nerd) where he spends the credits bringing attention to the other people who worked on this film and reminding us they shouldn’t be forgotten just because their names aren’t written as big.

    That’s why I like this movie. There’s a lot in it that works for me and there’s a lot in the ether that makes me love it more.


    1. I enjoyed the direction the story was going in but they lost it somewhere in the middle and Thor’s mission started to seem… much less adventurous or important to him as an evolving character. This is where my love of Loki started so I appreciate the movie for giving me that. And you’re right, the cast and how they play their characters is sincere.


  2. I definitely agree with you about it losing some steam in Act II. Honestly, it didn’t bother me as much here as it did in Ragnarok where it felt like Thor kept forgetting the stakes in favour of comedy bits.


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