A Deep Dive into WandaVision: “Now in Color”

Teyonah Parris’s demeanor as Monica Rambeau AKA Geraldine in the title image in the face you make when you know you messed up. She blew it, but I’m starting to lean more and more into my theory about this series. Wanda has way more control than the YouTubers I follow think. As I stated before, I don’t think anyone is doing anything to Wanda. I think something happened outside in the real world that she is shielding herself from in this pocket world she’s created for her and Vision.

I do hate that they change the theme song every episode. I get why they do it but my favorite so far is the theme from episode two. Any who, Wanda has manifested this pregnancy of twins, that they don’t know about until she has one of them, which I have questions about. I guess since the doctor came to the house to confirm her pregnancy and not the hospital, I guess we’re supposed to go with the surprise at the end. I don’t like it but sure, Marvel, let’s go with that. Speaking of pregnancies, you know what grinds my gears? When they take pregnant actresses and make them wear large trench coats, raise counters or make them wear huge purses. I understand why but you can’t believe that I believe that the characters believe that there is nothing wrong with this woman. I get it, it was supposed to be funny, but I was insulted. LOL.

Back to the action. As I watched, I toggled back and forth with the idea that maybe the twins were the cause of the various power outages, coat changes and the butterfly realism. When the butterflies became real, Wanda asks Vision if she caused the butterflies to come to life and then says, if I’m not mistaken, she didn’t do it. This was what made me think that maybe the kids are doing it and not Wanda. It could also be a side effect of her as a pregnant mutant.

So, the doctor, Agnes and Herb, who I’m glad has a bigger role than I thought he would, all seem to hint that they are all trapped. Now, a couple videos I’ve watched suggested that everyone could be dead because of a scene from the trailer where Agnes asks Vision if they’re all dead. He asks why and she responds, “Because you are.” I don’t think everyone is dead mainly because of how the town looked on the outside of Wanda’s pocket dimension. The town didn’t look like it had been abandoned that long so I can’t imagine that the people of Westview are dead. Clearly, Herb doesn’t have complete control over himself, hence him trimming the hedges and the wall, but Agnes and Monica do.

Now is a good time to segway into Monica and what she did wrong. What I would like to know about Monica is if she was swept up in the world with everyone else by Wanda or were they able to sent her into the storm to complete whatever mission she’s on to get Wanda or the townspeople or information. I imagine they sent her in because the beekeeper dude came from the sewers…but Wanda didn’t expel him from the dimension. She just rewound herself back to before she saw him which could be a way to throw him out. Not sure about that part entirely either. Here’s how I wanted that scene to go. Wanda starts singing to the kids and she mentions her dead brother, that she doesn’t mention is dead mind you. Monica should have then said, “Well where is he?” or “Why haven’t we met him?” Then, it would have been up to Wanda to give the explanation as to what happened to him. Would have worked better for you, Geraldine. Instead, Monica mentions Ultron and you can see a switch flip in Wanda’s brain that this chick is not like the others. The old Wanda comes out and she throws her out on her butt. Seemed like a hard fall, too.

Here’s something else I noticed and have questions about. Vision is clearly dead. We all saw it and it was very sad and frustrating because you made he mourn for this man and then had Thanos rewind time and just take the stone. Could have saved me the drama. Anyway, the scene where Vision tells Wanda that something isn’t right intrigued me because this would mean Vision came up with this conclusion on his own and not because Wanda made him think it. Is she allowing this dream dimension Vision to be who he was without her influence? But why allow him to do that if you’re going to ignore when he tells you that something is wrong?

This brings me back to Agnes and Herb, who I thought we hiding an affair when I first saw them. I hate subtitles but it helped me focus in this instance. Earlier in the episode, we saw Herb glitching but we haven’t seen Agnes glitch. So, I’m convinced that Agnes is like Monica and has the wherewithal to know who she and Wanda are and how she got there. But Herb, like Vision, seems to, in some respect, be able to piece together what is happening, too. So, with that and the stork not disappearing when she wanted it to, I’m thinking that there is a limit as to what Wanda has control over. But why is that? What’s limiting her? Is it something outside her pocket dimension or could it be the kids taking her powers? The kids being inside her body play a huge role in how her powers behave, or their powers behave and manifest themselves.

Give me your thoughts! Do you think they sent Monica in there with a full wardrobe or did she have to buy her own clothes? Can Vision actually help the situation and is that the reason why everyone is trying to tell him what’s going on? If he figures it out, what can he do? He’s dead…or is he?

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