Hear Me Out: The Strongest Avenger

So, on Monday, we talked about me not caring about Black Widow. I stand by that statement but it got me to thinking. Remember that scene in Age of Ultron where they wanted to find out who was the strongest Avenger by lifting Thor’s hammer, which now seems dumb that they did that? Mjolnir is about worthiness, not strength.

Anyway, who is actually the strongest Avenger? Anthony Stark better known as Iron Man, who saved the entire world by sacrificing himself is, by far, the strongest Avenger. Now, here is why.

Out of all the Avenger, can you think of any one of them who has had a tougher time coming into themselves than Tony? Before you answer, think about it. Tony was orphaned while he was in college after basically telling his dad he hated him. Their relationship must have deteriorated after some time. He ran this billion dollar company alone and started his adulthood alone but with a bit of a hole in his life. Since college, Tony has been alone. It’s been just him and him alone. Fast forward, the man was kidnapped, and again, only had himself to rely on. He built his own suit, from a box of scraps, escaped and then decided to tell the world he was Iron Man.

In later films, he was basically dying and it was up to him to create a new element in order to save his own life. He almost died several times in and out of his suit. He was basically almost dead in space with Nebula. He’s the most improved Avenger from his first film to Endgame.

Last but not least, it was Stark who had to sacrifice his own life in order to save the world. Yes, Hulk snapped everyone back and bravo but he’s still walking around in sweaters and glasses. Tony is not. He left behind a family and, what I guess you can call, friends for the greater good of the world. He’s had to be mentally strong as well as physically strong to withstand situations, that for the most part, he brought on himself but still. My opinion still stands.

I can only think that Bucky probably had a harder time surviving. Thor is a god and what was his hard time? His hammer being destroyed by a sister he just found out about, his dad dying and him having to learn that he doesn’t need his hammer to be Thor? Strange destroyed his own hands, couldn’t be a doctor anymore but found a new purpose as a sorcerer. Clint and Natasha…..alright. Hulk’s most painful moments are being alone and turning into the Hulk. Does Cap really have a tragic story at all? Scrawny guy joins the Army, volunteers to be in an experiment, gets buff and then gets lost in ice.

Epic Eye Roll GIF by Reactions | Gfycat

Yeah….no. But tell me what you think? I know there are some Hulk fans who disagree but I want to hear your reasoning?

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