Let’s Talk: What to do About Black Panther 2?

See what I did there? And it didn’t even mean to do it! Genius, I am. Anyway, back to our king. “King’s Dead” holds a whole new meaning now and it used to make me sad because they gave Future a Grammy alongside Jay Rock and Kendrick Lamar. It was not earned properly but I digress.

I have talked at length with friends and coworkers about what we want to see in Black Panther 2 and there have been some mixed reviews. Here’s some possibilities.

My best friend’s boyfriend, who I often argue with, said he would like to see T’Challa retire, if you will. His vision includes T’Challa and maybe Nakia deciding to start a family, and after the events of Endgame, wanting to relinquish his role as the warrior of Wakanda. In this instance, someone else could take over. Now, he didn’t feel completely comfortable with naming Shuri as his successor nor did he mention M’Baku. He wants mutants to come forward. Wakanda was where they hid Buckey so it could be possible that more powerful people we don’t know about are in Wakanda but I don’t agree. If we take ourselves out of the greater world, for lack of a better phrase, and act as life we’re just going off of the movie, think about how this would affect you as a viewer. If I’m a person who sees that this man has given up his throne to be a normal person, I would expect to see him again when things got bad enough. Think about it. Clint, although on house arrest, left the Avengers to be a family man and when Thanos came, guess who they had to go get? Clint. So in movie logic, this wouldn’t make sense because of course something dramatic will happen. We don’t know the threat yet but we do know it will be bigger than Thanos.

My coworker, who grew up reading, living and breathing comics, has a different more callous solution. My coworker says just to replace the actor. Now, you may be saying, “How could he?” I said the same thing during the car ride home. How could someone just replace Chadwick Boseman? They can’t and I don’t agree. It’s like replacing Iron Man because RDJ is done playing the character. There is no replacing Boseman so I just tossed this idea out of the window completely.

Here’s what I want. Kill T’Challa. Whoa, whoa, whoa, Amber! What? Yes, I said kill T’Challa. If you do that, this is the advantage we’ll have and by “we” I mean us as viewers, the writers, the director and Kevin Feige. If you kill T’Challa on-screen, you get to do a couple things. One, you get to send the already passed Chadwick Boseman a proper send-off that doesn’t require a montage of pictures, video and dissolving words on a screen before the start of the movie. Two, we get to deal with the actual problem in the movie. Who will take over now that T’Challa is gone? If you recall, in the comics, Shuri becomes the next Black Panther after something happens to T’Challa. Naturally, this is my pick because we’ve already been taking the comics as our foundation and been giving the ideas a twist. Do the same thing here BUT Shuri, as she stands in the MCU, is not ready to defend a WHOLE COUNTRY. She needs someone to train her in the ways of being the protector of Wakanda and the greatest mind in the world and who better to do that than the person who probably cannot stand her–M’Baku. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, M’Baku. Picture it! The Queen Mother making her way back to those cold mountains to ask for their greatest warrior to teach her daughter the ways of warriordom, which is not a word but so be it. Think about M’Baku yelling at Shuri or scoffing at her childlike ways. Isn’t it grand? She will get to learn something from him and she will, hopefully, get him to loosen up a bit. He has a sense of humor that we’ve seen but maybe we get to see more of that.

So who do you agree with? Do you have a completely different idea that does not involve bringing Killmonger back from the dead? And yes, there are some of you, like my best friend’s boyfriend, who believes that because we didn’t really see Killmonger take his las breathe that he is still alive somewhere. Please. Let’s be more original. Everyone doesn’t need to come back from the dead.


  1. I’m a bit torn on what should happen in BP2. The worst option is re-casting, and fortunately Disney has already said that they won’t do that.

    I like the idea of Shuri becoming the Black Panther. I’d like to see more female superheroes in the MCU, and given her background, she could science the compound that gives the powers. Your thought of having M’Baku train her also works really well. Shuri could also take the role of tech-leader among the avengers. Without Tony Stark, the team needs someone at that level, and Shuri’s the only viable option.

    I’m also okay with Killmonger coming back to take the mantle. Michael B. Jordan was fantastic in the role and having him come back would be great. I also think that this could work well because, ultimately, T’Challa agreed with Killmonger that Wakanda needed to change and made it happen. Killmonger is a logical choice to continue what T’Challa started (as long as he tones down the violent methods). I also think that there’s precedent for Wakanda preserving the life of nearly dead characters.

    I’m not sure any other options will work. Bringing in someone new to take the role would be jarring and wouldn’t make much sense in the line of succession.

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      1. From a narrative viewpoint, it works really well, but it really depends on how it’s done.
        My concern is that they have no footage of Boseman, so they’d either have to piece together old footage from Black Panther, or deepfake him. Neither of those are great options. The best way to do it would be to have him die while in full costume, but then we don’t get the closure we’d like.
        If Marvel goes this route, then my guess is that they’d use T’Challa’s death as motivation for the new Black Panther. If it’s Shuri, that’s easy. If it’s Killmonger, then it’s a bit more difficult. At the same time, if the new BP is going to win in the end, then Shuri would have to surpass T’Challa unbelievably fast, while Killmonger starts with a better foundation.
        Here’s my hope in this scenario: BP2 is how Namor is introduced. They already set the foundation for Atlantis using little easter eggs in previous movies. T’Challa is underwater (so the mask never comes off) investigating Atlantis and is killed by Namor. This starts a war between Atlantis and Wakanda. If Shuri takes the mantle, she’s seeking vengeance for T’Challa’s death. If Killmonger takes over, then he sees Atlantis as a legitimate threat to the progress T’Challa made. Ultimately, the movie conludes with a tentative peace between the two nations and Namor returns the Black Panther mask (the body having been destroyed) to the Wakandans for a ceremonial funeral. You still get the death, the transition to a new BP, a new Marvel franchise, and a fitting farewell to Boseman.

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