Classics: Gremlins

It’s not a dog, a cat or even a lizard, it’s a mogwai, better known to us as a gremlin. Gremlins is the cautionary tale of what happens when people don’t listen. At every turn, you can see what happens when people don’t heed warning and when people want what they really shouldn’t have. It’s all fun and games until the town is looking at you because your “pet” destroyed the economy of the city.

First off, no one explained what a mogwai is and no one seems concerned about the restrictions on this creature. There is no way I want a pet I can’t take out in the daytime, I can’t bathe or give water to drink and can’t feed after midnight. In addition, no one tells you what happens if one does the three things you ain’t supposed to do. Even drugs have side effects that are explained. They’re explained at a rapid rate but they are explained.

My mother made a valid point while watching this movie…when is midnight? When they bought Gizmo, it was in some Asian market, right? Let’s say he’s an Asian creature. Isn’t their midnight different from ours? And depending on where you live, midnight is different everywhere so…does Gizmo have an internal clock? Someone answer that for me, please.

You know who I blame for the chaos? Not the dad and not Billy but the Asian guy that let the dad walk away with the damn thing. He knew these people were not ready for the responsibility of the mogwai so why let him get the thing that you knew he was going to mess up!

Another thing, I completely forgot Glynn Turman was in this film and his character was stupid. You have a lab animal and you neglect it while continuing to prod and prob at it? Sir! The subject is likely to retaliate or revolt in some way. Did all 80’s movies have useless people in them? Lord!

The real MVP of this movie was the mom! She killed about three or four of the gremlins in the kitchen using just plain mom instinct and common sense. I hope that lady has lived a good life!

Also, my mom made another valid point. How did Stripe know where the YMCA was? He had only been alive for a couple of days and I don’t think Billy took them on a tour of the town so how did he know to go there and to jump in the pool. Back to Glynn Turman’s character, why was he cutting the gremlin out of the cage in its pupil stage? If you knew it was transforming into something else, more than likely bigger than what it once was, why did you think putting it under a cardboard box would be sufficient? I want answers!

Relive Gremlins on YouTube, Amazon Prime or AMC, for those of us who still have cable. Watch it again and tell me I’m wrong.

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