Lovecraft Country “Full Cirlce”

Usually, I use an image from the episode but to me, this image was better fitted for the end of this series. For me, this was the end of a journey and a love story, that if we think about it, wasn’t really as simple as add boy and girl and stir. She died, she had her first time with him and is now pregnant with their first, and only apparently, child. Seems a bit one sided but give me a minute. Let’s start at the end of the episode because, yes Jurnee, we are ALL MAD but I also have a couple questions.

The last image I see in this show is Dee killing Christina. I mean it gave her an outlet for her rage but why Dee? I do like that the monster thing is hers now. She never has to worry about being alone and scared again because she has him…or her….it.

Here’s what we had all been waiting on, to see if Tic actually died and HE DID! I thought this was going to be one of those moments where they tell us he’s going to die and somehow he doesn’t because of a loophole or some spell he put on himself before the ceremony but no. He actually died and I’m MAD MAD. I get it. They wanted to have him die a hero and make his death worth it. Have it serve a purpose; however (comma), that’s not what we wanted. All the times he could have died and this is when he actually dies?! Then what did Uncle George die for? Nothing. That’s what. He ain’t had to be the one.

Backing up to the beginning of the episode, y’all finally got what yall wanted. Ruby and Christina finally loved on each other as themselves….and then Christina killed her. All that, to use her. I knew it wouldn’t last long. She ain’t had to do that to her and all that time she spent over there, she ain’t learned no magic to protect herself? What was you doing Ruby?

Back to the ceremony scene, why do movies and TV over exaggerate how blood flow works? I have two degrees and neither involve anything medical but what I do know is that, after watching a lot of medical shows, the blood in the arms does not pour out like that and we as viewers know that so…..yeah. Little hard to believe there.

Backing up further, he had to eat the flesh of Titus?! I gagged. I thought he was going to burn it. Here’s a question, if Christina wasn’t Ruby and that was her blood in the vile, what would have happened? Would he still have had to die or would it have been like Harry Potter where he was a horcrux and he could basically die twice? And while I’m asking questions, can mixed people do magic in this world or no? They took magic from white people but interracial dating, marriage and stuff? What about the existing mixed race people? Like Tic is a descendent of a, forced, mixed race situation but the people who made him were black….so… you see my dilemma here. If you have thoughts, comment and let me know.

We were right, Dee got that robotic arm, her confidence and a new attitude. Sometimes as children we have to grow up and rely on ourselves rather than our parents. Now, Hippolyta going into an interdimensional world is a very different way to grow up but it’s same difference.

“Full Circle” was the perfect name for this episode. All the things we learned throughout the season led us here. Ji-Ah’s premonitions, tie to the dark world and her…tentacles, all the research Tic and Leti did, Montrose’s appreciation and acceptance of who he is, Hippolyta finding out who she is without her husband and Tic finding his purpose all played a role in this episode. I’ve loved watching these characters grow, however, the end end of this episode was a bit lackluster. Wish it would have ended with a burial of Tic or just cut to black when they were carrying him. That would have been a bit more dramatic for me yet it would have felt final for this season.

Now, if we do a season two, there must be some magic to bring Atticus back because I like looking at Jonathan Majors and many of us women do. Bring him back or I’m DONE. Although, if we do a season two and all white people don’t have access to magic, what would be the big overarching peril the characters would have to face? Just racism? Or is there a Killmonger among us 👀? Give me your thoughts. C’mon, let it out. Let’s yell together as a unit!

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