A Deep Dive into Lovecraft Country: “Rewind 21”

So episode nine of my favorite show made me angry and here’s why. As black people, there is always that scene, movie or show that just makes us (or maybe just me) angry about the events of the past.

So we’ve heard a lot about the Tulsa Massacre of 1921 in this storyline. It’s where George, Montrose and Dora, George’s wife, all almost lost their lives. I’m going to start with the story and them I’m going to get to the experience of the massacre itself. On the surface, what we know is why Montrose had reservations about giving blood for Dee and going back to 1921. We all figured that Tic could be George’s son. That didn’t come as a surprise at all. Second, I think we can safely assume that George knew his brother was gay. The conversation they had while George was basically dying in episode two made more sense. While we’re on the subject of things making more sense, remember when I said I didn’t enjoy that opening scene in episode one? Jackie Robinson being in the dream sequence, teaser or whatever that sequence was made MUCH more sense in this episode. In that moment, he was the personified of what Jackie Robinson was for so many people during his time. Ok, back to the action. Someone must explain how Hippolyta got back without the portal. I figured her journey (that I WILL dive into later) would not only help her but set her up to be an important piece to our heros progressing to their endgame. I enjoyed the progression of Montrose’s character. He’s not just angry for no reason. There is pain behind his reactions and interactions with his loved ones. That moment with Thomas changed his life forever. It was the first moment where he actively decided to change himself in order to fit into this mold that was made for him by society. That’s what made that conversation with Tic and their back and forth so powerful. It’s a son trying to understand a man he never really got to know.

Ok, let’s dive into why I’m sad and angry. I would hate to go back to the past, know someone I or someone else loves dies and know that I cannot alter that event. I would loathe having to go back to days where I knew a cousin or sister or mother or brother was dying, just have to complete my task and leave them. That was Leti’s journey. She was in that house knowing that family would die but also knowing that that had to happen in order for her family to even exist. SHE WATCHED THE GRANDMOTHER BURN! There was no way! I also need to know how the book originally burned in the house fire but didn’t while being held by Leti, and yes, I know she’s invulnerable but I don’t think that applies to things she’s holding. Think they cheated there but I’ll let it slide because the scene almost made me cry. Watching her walk through the flames with the same disorientation that Montrose had when he came back was a full circle moment. Tulsa changed everyone who lived through it. This made me sad. What made me angry is the massacre itself. I remember hearing about the Tulsa Massacre but I didn’t watch Watchmen so I never saw it on screen. It was surreal to see that reenactment, so to speak. Tulsa was the Black Wall Street and disgruntled white people destroyed it and killed 26 people for what reason? As an adult, and even as a child, it is unfathomable to imagine that people could hate that much that they would murder them for….living…being successful… finding a way to beat the odds set again them. I was just burning with anger and I hate when I come across a scene or movie that makes me feel this strong but someone much stronger than me lived through these events so I can’t be angry or cry for too long because they made us! And we are here to create, teach and be and that’s what makes me further appreciate this show.

To end on a funny note, I thought it strange that Leti left her shoes from the future on. Now, I can see that she needed to run and she would move better in these shoes but I knew Grandma knew but I thought Grandma KNEW. That would have been cool. Season finale is next week. I don’t know what we do after that but I’m going to be sad. Did I miss anything?

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