SDML: Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, better known as “The-movie-where-Snape-kills-Dumbledore-and-no-one-told-Harry-the-plan” is my favorite book and maybe my favorite Harry Potter film. This is the continuation of the darkness of the end of Harry Potter. I loved the book and was so happy to see it in theaters.

First things first, Hermione struggling in potions class was hilarious. We expect everyone else to be awful but Hermione? She is a genius, by wizarding standards, and was visibly upset that Harry was excelling in class above her. You’re always supposed to be happy for your friends. Hermione was not and even accused the man of cheating (gasp).

Second, let’s all say this together, I do not like Ginny and Harry as a couple. It’s just weird for whatever reason and it has nothing to do with the fact that she’s Ron’s sister. It just doesn’t fit and it seemed, for Harry at least, that the relationship came out of nowhere. There wasn’t, to my knowledge, of any setup of them spending more time together. It’s implied because he’s always at The Burrow but I don’t recall an emphasis on it.

Third, Slughorn. God bless him. He’s just a bumbling old man who is trying to make everyone like him. Think about it. He seems jolly all the time and I don’t think we meet anyone who has anything bad to say about him. Also, if I were a Death Eater recruitment, Slughorn is not a person I want to pursue. Clearly, he would be a Peter and end up disappearing if you could track him down and get him to agree to be a Death Eater. Moving on to the Horcruxes…

Rowling has said that the process to make a Horcrux is so gruesome that she won’t tell us how to make one but we don’t have magic, sis. We want to know! Slughorn has the chalk (Chalkzone reference)! So here’s the thing….does anyone else find it strange that a student asked a question about some forbidden magic that he researched in the Restricted section of the library of his professor and he just gives him the answer? In addition, why is there a Restricted section of the library in a school full of kids learning to be good wizards and witches? You know someone is going over there! Help me understand.

So, I have a question and I asked my best friend and got a half response. When they went into the cave to retrieve the Horcrux, how come when Harry was scooping that liquid into the shell could he not just pour that out. Does the shell know when lips hit it? Could he just have mimicked pouring the liquid into someone’s mouth? I just have to know. Also, when I go on a vacation or in a car somewhere, I have a bottle of something to drink. Couldn’t Harry or Dumbledore have brought one of those bags that we see Hermione have later in the series that has no real bottom and hide a bottle of water just in case? Am I the only person who has these thoughts?

Finally thoughts. We’re at the clock tower…Draco points his wand towards Dumbledore…Snape sees Harry down below and motions to be quiet, which should have been a tip but whatever, Snape kills take his position and kills Dumbledore. What would have been the harm in letting Harry in on this plan? Anyone? I don’t think it would have stopped Harry in his mission to kill Voldemort so why not tell sit this baby down and say, “Hey, kid. I told Snape to kill me. Be cool about it because it has to happen.” Now that I type that out, I see how this could be problematic but my question and inquiry still stands.

So clearly, we figured Harry wasn’t going to return to school because why and we move into the darker portion of the series. I think I also liked this movie and book because I hated Delores Umbridge so much that I needed a pick-me-up. This book and the mystery of the “Half Blood Prince” did that for me.

Tell me, what was your favorite part of this film? I’m sure I missed something that someone will point out to me so tell me what that is.

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