Hidden Gem: Clifford “Method Man” Smith Jr.

THE M-E-T-H-O-D MAN! M-E-T-H-O-D MAN! Who doesn’t love the beginning of that song? I want to say, as a person who grew up listening to Hip-Hop, I love when I can see the progression of my favorite artists and Method Man is one of those people.

Most recently, I’ve seen Meth in Starz’s Power Book II: Ghost as lawyer Davis Maclean and Netflix’s Teenager Bounty Hunters as Terrance Coin, the rival to Bowser, played by Kadeem Hardison. He’s been in The Deuce, Soul Plane, Keanu, Red Tails, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and the man was Cheese in The Wire, everyone’s favorite show (fight me)! And yes, How High.

The man is versatile. He’s been in comedies and dramas and I don’t think I’ve seen him play the same character twice, which I love. I hate when I see a really good actor play the same person just in a different movie. The possibilities are endless when it comes to where he can go and what he can do. I never thought I would see him play an esteemed lawyer in a show about crimes and drugs in New York but that’s exactly what I got. Surprisingly, I enjoy seeing him in comedies. Seeing him be corny or outrageous in a scene or in a movie are the roles that take me out of just seeing him as Method Man of Wu-Tang fame. Method Man started this journey but Cliff is taking it to another level. s

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