‘The Expanding Universe of Ashley Garcia’: Review

Most of what I have found on Netflix comes from me just scrolling aimlessly through various categories. One day, I happened to find this gem. I love shows that explore something new and this show does just that.

Ashley Garcia is a genius teenager who has multiple degrees in the field of science. This girl has Ph.D’s and Master’s and in the show, is creating a robot to explore Mars. So I know what you’re saying. “I’ve seen this type of show before!” Yes, you might have but was the main character a Latina? Does she live with her single uncle who used to play pro football and is now a high school football coach? Was the cast of the show you are thinking of majority minority? I’m going to go with no. That’s what attracted me to this show. That and I love a sitcom.

Part two of The Expanding Universe of Ashley Garcia just dropped on Netflix on July 20th and it’s pretty good. It goes a good job of entertaining, following a sound storyline and having some touching moments of real life. It’s a feel good show that you can finish in a day or so. Executive produced by Mario Lopez, who also appears in the show, it gives us a bit of genius, a bit of culture and a bit of fun. Spoiler, they leave you with a cliffhanger at the end of each season. Enjoy!

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