Stroll Down Memory Lane: Iron Man

Iron Man was the movie that started it all and after seeing all 23 films, I often wonder when they thought to make all these films connect and why didn’t they just make them go in order naturally! Why do I have to put them in order myself to connect the stories? Also, when did you realize that these movies connected? Leave those comments in this post as well.

Anthony Stark is a playboy billionaire with power, an ego and attitude. His business? Weapons? Does he care who buys his weapons and what they use them for? Absolutely not because if he cared that would cut into his profits. No billionaire wants to do that. Stark is a single man who’s idea of a good time is a large party at his house with lots of models and single women who he has no intention of keeping. Tony Stark is a mess but a genius.

Then, Stark’s world changes. He’s kidnapped and stashed in a cave in the middle of nowhere. He’s where he’s always been in his mind–alone. Stark must use his own wit and muster some survival skills to well…survive.

I remember watching this movie as a child and witnessing his transition from over-the-top Tony Stark to a little more reserved over-the-top Tony Stark. He seemed to try and care more for the people and things around him. He had that spark when he escaped from the cave. He was underestimated, which he didn’t know at the time.

In looking back at this film, I really didn’t really like Terrance Howard in the film. He just never seemed to fit in the role for me. I don’t know if he was playing it too straight or what but he always felt off in the film. I’m glad he got Empire and had a fit about not getting paid more than Downey, or whatever happened there, so we could get Don Cheadle. I love Cheadle as Rhodey but we’ll talk about that when we explore the other Iron Man films.

Iron Man was released in theaters in 2008 and here we are in 2020 still reeling from the saga that Kevin Feige and friends took us through. Bravo for giving us over ten years of shear bliss that started with a billionaire asshole.

Marvel fans, do you remember when you first say Iron Man? Let me hear it!

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